Gearing Up

We’re gearing up for our next stop: Boise, Idaho, August 20th and 21st. Even though it’s still four weeks out, there is bus work to be done, music practice to squeeze in after dinner and Bible time, Titus2 projects, and many other items. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to share, and we’re grateful for our dear friends who are hosting the conference.

Please join us in praying for our hearts as we prepare and for the Lord to bring those families who could be encouraged and blessed in our Lord Jesus.

Sarah for the rest

Our great banjo player.

“Hold fast the form of sound words, which thou hast heard of me, in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus” (2 Timothy 1:13).

5 thoughts on “Gearing Up”

  1. Will be praying! Mary’s jumper is really cute! I like the material, it’s so pretty! God bless!

    Rebecca K.

  2. Don’t you have two banjo players in the family?

    The K. Family
    True :-), but John is the best :-); I just do some back up! Sarah

  3. so then who plays hanmered dulcimer sometimes? LOVE the sound of that instrument, but am thinking that’s probably not one that gets packed for a road trip! may the Lord bless you as you prepare to minister again…
    We have pared down what we can bring and so the hammered dulcimer hasn’t been played for quite a while.

  4. Hi Maxwells. I live in idaho and am so excited that our family is attending your conference!!!!! Cant wait to meet you all and be encouraged by your great family. I have read all your books and you have blessed us much. See you here soon!!!! We have 4 children and one on the way and are anxious to hear some more tips from ya!!!!

    Jessica A.

  5. How did you all decide on playing Bluegrass music? It’s a genre you don’t hear too much these days….
    We felt it didn’t have the worldly sound of much other music. However, some can clearly play it in a worldly fashion.

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