Update on Melanie

We continue to rejoice as each day passes. Melanie is now almost 34 weeks. Each week is an exciting mile-marker as this baby stays inside. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Contractions seem to be picking up some but so far are manageable and don’t require bedrest or added medical care!!!!

We did a hospital tour last week. While there we asked to see the NICU — not out of a true desire to see it but out of wanting to be a little bit prepared should we need it. Without going into whether we liked this NICU (ok… we didn’t… different hospital from our previous times) we so long to *not* need a NICU for this baby. We hope the child can be spared the trauma and added “care” a NICU brings; it also means that Abigail’s momma isn’t away from her for very long – both of which are very important to us.

It just so happens Melanie has started to get flowers about every two weeks or so. I’m looking forward to seeing her get her 34 and then a 36 week bouquet!

Specific prayer requests:
-Once we pass 34.5 weeks, we have a choice of two hospitals. Neither is conveniently located. Which one is God’s will?
-Child’s name – names are very important to our God.
-Delivery method

Thank you for praying.

Melanie and I

“Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him, and he shall bring it to pass” (Psalms 37:5).

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  1. Thank you for the update Nathan! πŸ™‚ We’ve been thinking of you all and praying for you both and for baby! πŸ™‚ I’m so happy and pleased that Melanie and baby are still doing well. We’ll continue to keep you all in our prayers!!! πŸ™‚ Thank you for the specific prayer requests…that will be so helpful in knowing what your needs are and how to pray for you both! πŸ™‚

    God’s blessings on you and your family!
    ~Miss Rachel~

  2. Wonderful update and great news about the baby. I hope little “Max” stays put for a couple of weeks longer. And I will be praying about your requests. Its so great that we have a Lord that listens and cares about all our concerns.

  3. Such good news, each added day is a blessing. I’m looking forward to 6 weeks time (hopefully not sooner) when we will see the first pictures of the baby.

  4. Nathan and Melanie,

    I can hardly stand it!!! I have been so anxious to hear about you all, as we continue to pray for you. I can hardly wait to tell the kids how great things are going. There will be cheers all around!!

    We will continue to pray and look forward to the birth announcement!

    Stephanie for us all

  5. Try not to worry! Lots of healthy babies are delivered at 34 weeks. Only good things can happen from here onward.

  6. So thankful for this news and praying for a 38 week bouquet!

    Your picture is beautiful. You’re a lovely couple.


  8. What a happy update. You all continue to be covered in prayer by so many. Our oldest daughter was born perfectly tiny but healthy at 33 weeks – so I feel confident and joyful about a baby at 34+ weeks! :> We have had 2 NICU babies, and that is a tougher path than the usual term baby takes – I will pray for a hospital that perfectly meets your needs as they become evident. Don’t know which hospitals you may use, but we were very pleased with the NICU, nurses, and drs at Shawnee Mission Medical Center in KC (where we were both times). Blessings to all – such a happy day ahead of you!

  9. Nathan and Melanie,
    So happy that this little one is behaving…we will keep your prayer requests in ours, and hope baby “Max” will stay at least to 38 weeks! I love names and am excited to hear the name chosen for Abigails baby brother or sister…

    God bless you all.

    The B. Family in MN

  10. How awesome!! I think of you often and pray for you! Blessings! Beth B. a.k.a. Mrs. Beth

  11. Congratulations on your healthy news! I am praying for you and your family! May God continue to bestow his peace and blessings over you both and in your hearts! He IS a mighty God!!! Thank you for the specific prayer requests – I love hearing how you both are and what you are seeking God’s wisdom and direction for. May you be encouraged as you wait on Him and the time to hold His special blessing in your arms!!!

  12. Praise the Lord! We will continue to keep praying for you. Melanie has a special place in my (Joy’s) heart and a permanent spot in my prayer journal. πŸ™‚

  13. Praise the Lord!!! We will continue to keep your family in our prayers. The Lord will guide you to the right hospital, baby name and delivery method. Thank you so much for the update! Praying for 34, 36 and 38 week bouquets…what a very special treat for Melanie!!!!
    Many blessings and prayers,
    Carl & Vania

  14. This post warms my heart! I will be praying for you. Try not to worry I was a premie born at 32.5 weeks and was small but completely healthy surprise for my family.

  15. We serve a great and mighty God! You two have been through so much and it is so good to hear your news. I will pray for you.

  16. Rejoicing with you all! May you continue to abide in Christ, and may He give you wisdom for each step of the way. Psalms 78:72

    In His Grace,

  17. Melanie looks wonderful! Thanks for the update — keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as the due date looms closer. Hoping she/he stays in a few more weeks. πŸ™‚ God bless.

  18. That’s wonderful! Thanks for the update! I was just wondering how she was doing. May God continue to bless you. Praying for you both!

    Rejoicing with you! Rebecca for the K family

  19. I’m so happy to hear that all is going well. Melanie looks beautiful and I continue to pray for her and baby M.

  20. Yay! I am rejoicing in how Melanie and baby are doing! πŸ™‚ Melanie looks great and healthy and I am looking forward to the day you get to introduce your newest little blessing to everyone! Continuing to pray for you!

  21. Thank you for the update on Melaine and Baby Max. I’ve added your prayer requests to our prayer book and we will be praying daily, as always, for you all. I hope to hear your announcement in another 4-6 weeks.

    The picture of the two of you is beautiful. You look so happy and Melaine looks so beautifully pregnant.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

  22. What a joy to see answered prayer. Melanie looks wonderful and we will continue to pray for your specific requests. Kim C. And family

  23. So excited and thankful for a more peaceful pregnancy for you. I know you are breathing a sigh of relief, too. Praying all continues to go well and can’t wait to hear even better news within the next 4 weeks.

  24. Praying with so much understanding. God is sovereign and in control regardless, but I certainly agree with the desire to avoid that extra drama. Regardless, I can’t wait to “meet” this precious little one.

  25. I am so glad that Melanie and the baby are doing well. Praise God for this exciting gift of a new little one on the way. I just read the Mom’s corner that shared Melanie and Abigail’s
    daily schedule. What a precious, peaceful blessing it was to learn about. Praise Jesus for your sweet family. Bless you all.

  26. So grateful to hear of your pregnancy and how the Lord continues to sustain you and His little one inside of you! What a treasure and gift!…I praise the Lord for the joy He has given you once again to carry another child. I know that means the world to you. We rejoice with you. Sending you hugs from Mexico. I love you, Melanie! (We love you ALL!!!)
    James and Sara Grace

  27. Very weighty prayer list indeed-but nothing is too hard for God!
    You and you family have our prayers!

  28. Hello Nathan! This is my first time visiting the Maxwell Family Blog, but I have been in and out of Titus2.com & the MOTH board quite a bit.

    Melanie and I are not far off from our due dates! I am due Sept. 12 and in the past (pregnancies) have been treated for preterm labor. This is our 5th child, however, and much of what I’m dealing with is due to the experience of what my body has been through several times already (Contractions that cause early dilation).

    Anyways, just wanted you to know I understand! Keep praying through that prayer list, as I will be praying, too. God has been faithful through all my pregnancies and deliveries and it is a time I look forward to rather than worry about. He will bless you! πŸ™‚

  29. I just realized when praying for Melanie that she is a few days past the 37 week mark! A full term baby; congratulations!!!! It must feel odd after the last two to begin hoping for the contractions to begin and labor to come πŸ™‚ Blessings on you as your little one is soon to be born. What joy!!!!
    Yes, she’s now 37 weeks and a few days. It’s amazing! Sarah

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