Summer Projects

Our summer has been busy, and will continue to be that way, but we’re squeezing in our annual summer projects. One item to be tackled is cleaning the windows! Yes, we know they get dirty again as soon as a north wind comes along and brings rain, but that’s okay. Clean windows are nice while they last! These summer projects are in addition to our normal Saturday morning organizing time.

We’re looking forward to an upcoming visit from the entire Hamilton family (arriving this Saturday, July 3rd), although I know there are two people in particular who are very excited. Thank you for all the comments left under Christopher and Anna H’s announcement. We are all thrilled.

Sarah for the rest

First, the inside ledge must be vacuumed.
These windows pop out so we can lay them on a chair, making it quite simple to clean!
Good job, Anna!
And hoping more spiders don't show up.

“And we know that all things work together for good to them who love God, to them who are called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28).

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  1. So exciting that the Hamilton’s are coming to visit ya’ll. We will continue to pray that God leads Christopher and Anna in their courtship. Mary’s dress print is super cute by the way !

  2. Ah, window cleaning! My daughter and I did ours last week. Aren’t those pop-out windows the best? 🙂 It’s such a pleasure to look out of my kitchen windows these days. I’m sure there is much preparation for the coming visit. May God bless your time with the Hamiltons.

  3. Sounds like an exciting weekend ahead. 🙂 May the Lord continue to lead Christopher and Anna.

    we have pop out windows to and such a joy to clean. I went through and did many of our windows in the spring. 😀


  4. What kind of windows do you have? They look like our Andersen windows. We replaced ours over the past 3 years, and they are a great source of enjoyment and pride for this self-professed neatnik. I clean them at least once a month and the screens 4 times a year. Let Mary know that I’ve found placing a small throw pillow between the 2 panes cushions them and protects the frames while tilted in for cleaning.

    Enjoy your time with your visitors and have a wonderful holiday.
    They are actually Marvins.

  5. What a wonderful weekend you will have spending time with the Hamiltons. We are keeping Christopher and Anna in our prayers for blessings on their courtship. Looking forward to all the pictures you share.

    Cleaning windows . . . I love your pop out windows. Ours do not pop out and to do all the outside windows requires Mr. Phil to get on a tall ladder. It’s actually on the list of jobs to do in July after the rain stops.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

  6. I love the windows that come out that way for cleaning! As for the spiders–I think it must be a bad year for them because we live several states away from you and we’ve had an awful lot of them this year too. In fact, my adult daughter was just complaining about how many they’ve had at their house too.
    Jobs are always more fun when you do them together–“many hands make light work”.
    Enjoy your time to fellowship with the Hamilton family!

  7. Yes, we need to clean our windows too. 😉 It IS very nice to have a clean home and get those windows all sparkling! 😀 We have the same or similar windows…they are really nice and easy to clean! 🙂

    We’re so happy for Christopher and Anna H. as well! We are keeping them in our prayers! 🙂 Hope you all have a blessed visit with the Hamilton family! 😀

    God Bless you all!
    ~Miss Rachel~

  8. Good job on cleaning your windows! They look so nice and clear.

    How exciting that the Hamiltons are coming! That’s wonderful! Praying for their visit and Christopher and Anna! Hope it will be a blessed time for all of you!

    Have a happy 4th of July! God bless!

    Love, Rebecca K. & family

  9. We do not have the pop-out windows, but last year I tried the new Windex outdoor cleaner. You spray your windows with a hose, clean them with the long Windex pole and cleaning pads, then spray to wash off. They sparkle! I love the thing and its great for high windows too. Plus it was a huge time saver! I need to do the outside of ours still and am looking forward to it because the Windex cleaner is so fun and does a terrific job!

    I sound like a commercial! Ha ha! Seriously though if you don’t have the pop-out windows this is worth buying for the outside.

    Have a good visit with the Hamiltons!
    Thanks for the tip! 🙂 Sarah

  10. Just a quick note to encourage you in washing your windows… A friend is a professional window cleaner, and he tells us that *clean* windows shed the rain much better than dirty ones ~ They will still look great! =)

  11. Oh…just realized there are TWO Annas! Do you have any nicknames that will help you not mix them up? I guess we know who is who if one is always said with the word “Christopher”…as in Christopher and Anna. : )

  12. Just out of interest, what vacuum cleaner make is Mrs. Waxwell useing? It looks like an Expesso11 but i am not sure. i was just wondering ’cause if it does the vacuuming for you guys, i am sure it will do the vacuuming for us !! 🙂 Have a Great weekend 🙂
    Love and Christs blessings from Philip, Amari-Lois, Ziah (4), Zoe (3), Maddeleine (1) and Seth (born yesterday)
    Congratulations on baby Seth!!!
    The vacuum you asked about is a Hoover Windtunnel. It’s been okay, We have yet to find one that is highly reliable and does a good job. So we have adopted the policy of find a reasonable priced, well rated vacuum and get a service agreement (if it is a reasonable price) and then keep it for 10 years or so while having the yearly service performed and then replace it.


  13. How VERY exciting for you all! Anna looks sooo sweet!!
    Becca has been busy with 4H projects…some I have incorporated into her “school work” and we are also are trying to ready our house for sale so we are very busy as well!!

  14. Out of pure curiosity, are the windows real glass? Or are they plastic or sylaphane etc.?
    I am just wondering. I thing the fact they are pull out they are GREAT! And very practical.
    Love and prayers from
    Jay, Jenna and Co.
    Ps. Looking forward to seeing you at your next retreat!
    Yes, real glass.

    Steve M.

  15. Your windows look beautiful! I’m inspired to go clean mine. 🙂 In the picture of Anna, I also took notice of what a lovely wall color you’ve used in that room. We are needing to refresh the paint in our kitchen, and I was wondering if you happen to recall what brand & color paint that is. It’s always so difficult to pick a color from tiny little chips! Seeing it on the wall is much easier to visualize.

    Congratulations to Christopher and Anna! So happy for you all!

    We have found working together is a great way to get to know someone.
    The paint color is a Home Depot Behr brand called Promenade. The number is 400F-5p. Of course, your monitor might make the color look a little different than it actually is, but we have really liked it in our dining room and kitchen.

  16. It is lovely. I’ll look forward to finding it at our store. Thank you so much for sharing!

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