The Vermont Conference

It’s amazing this trip is winding down, but, oh, what a blessing it has been.

We gave our first conference ever in Vermont Tuesday evening. We had a quiet day, doing miscellaneous projects, and we were very grateful for air conditioning, as the temperatures soared to 95. It seems often when we’re on the road, that area of the country  experiences “unusual” temperatures.

It was a small conference, but the Lord used it in families’ lives. We are grateful for each person who took the time out of their evening to come (and one family drove 3 hours!).

The bell up in the church steeple.
Inside the church.
I've enjoyed all the historical aspects of being in New England, so many cities were founded in the 1700's.
As Jesse was bringing the books around to the front of the church, something caught my eye in the yard next to the church. This is a historic area!
Since there was a limited # of rooms, Christopher gave Evangelism first upstairs while the parents were downstairs.
Mary working on school
Mom chatting.


“If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God” (Colossians 3:1).

One thought on “The Vermont Conference”

  1. i must say mary you are very diligent in your studies if you are still working on school! 🙂
    Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell you have sure trained up your children to serve the Good LORD!!!!!! My 3 are still very small, i am expecting the 4th any time soon! Children are such a Blessing. Ziah is only 4 and she alreaddy hangs out a whole load of wasing! with her 3 year old sister Zoe at her side. Maddeleine is still a bit samll.she is only 1, and was born 3 months early. how is baby Max? and the courtship between Christopher and Anna? I pray for you daily 🙂
    Love Philp, Amari-Lois, Ziah-Lois, Zoe, Maddeleine and Bump (Christopher if hes a boy, Hannah or Faith if she is a girl 🙂

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