A Display of God’s Handiwork

We saw Niagara Falls in 2003 after speaking at the LEAH State Convention. As we approached this trip, I looked at our route, and discovered we would be only 30 minutes away from the falls as we went by Buffalo, New York on our way from Wisconsin to Vermont. But, when we “plan plans” we’ve found they don’t always work, so I was content with however things happened. We had a few delays as we drove on Sunday, and our timing was getting later. When we realized that they would have lights on the falls, Dad decided we would see the falls yet Sunday night and move on to Vermont Monday. We had a very interesting time finding a place to park, as the town is not well laid out with signs for where to go or park, but Dad did an incredible job.

The Girls and Mom
Dad and Mom
Simply gorgeous!
The Canada side illuminated the falls with lights.
They changed the colors every few minutes.

We are safely here in Vermont, ready for tomorrow night’s conference. It was quite an interesting drive through the windy, twisty roads of Vermont, but we’re here! Sarah

“Honour and majesty are before him: strength and beauty are in his sanctuary” (Psalms 96:6).

8 thoughts on “A Display of God’s Handiwork”

  1. Wow! Our Heavenly Father does beautiful work! It gives me goosebumps when I look at His creation! I have not been to see the falls in many years, and I have never seen them lit up like that. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. These pictures are breathtakingly beautiful!! We were there once on the Canada side watching the lights, and these pictures take me right back!

  3. So beautiful! I am always amazed at the awesomeness of God and HIS creation!!! Thank you for sharing!

  4. What a blessing to get the opportunity to see such amazing sights. Praying you are having a peaceful and productive trip.

  5. Simply Amazing!! God is SO awesome! So glad that you made it safely to Vermont-this means you are closer to New Hampshire-and we’ll see you in a few days! Continued prayers for receptive hearts and safe travels. Also, we are praying for Nathan, Melanie and Abigail. I’m sure they are missing you greatly!

  6. So pretty! We have been to the falls too. They are worth the drive 🙂 Glad that you “tour” is going well.

    Prayers, Erin

  7. If I didn’t know for a fact those falls are natural, they would almost look surreal! I’ve never been there, but so appreciate you posting photos!

  8. Glad you enjoyed God’s handiwork. We only live a few minutes from the falls. Wish we could’ve seen you there!

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