Take a Trip To the Grocery Store

Last Tuesday afternoon–the mission? Super Wal-Mart shopping. Upon pulling in to Wal-Mart, it appeared rather small, and there certainly was no “supercenter” sign on the front. Oh well. Our information had indicated it to be a supercenter, but it must have been mis-classified.  Mom and I climb out of the bus and head inside to see what we can find. A little “food center” sign is over the several aisles of food, but they don’t have much of what we need.

Mom checking her shopping list on her phone to see what she needs.
Since it's not a super center, we can't get all the food items, so we get the things we can.
Mom with her shopping cart. We needed several cases of water to get us by for a few days.

Now, on to a grocery store to get all our other items. The parking lot isn’t bus-friendly but Dad manages! Mom and I go in while Dad and the rest go park.

Who can find the mis-spelling? 🙂 (This was a sign with all the great benefits bananas have.)
Good looking strawberries!
Need some buttermilk for Anna to make pancakes!
Orange juice!

When we were in the grocery store, we received several friendly “hellos,” and we realized later, that my having the camera, lended itself to that. 🙂 I’m sure they didn’t know I was just simply doing this for a blog post!

The boys help unload.

Thanks for coming along with us! It’s always nice to restock our fridge/pantry.


“Give us this day our daily bread” (Matthew 6:11).

5 thoughts on “Take a Trip To the Grocery Store”

  1. I keep my grocery list on my phone, too! Along with just about everything else I need to function. When I changed phones a few months ago, I thought I was going to lose my mind until I got everything moved over and organized. I don’t know a single phone number or email! And couldn’t tell you what day it is without looking at the calendar. Seems kind of silly to stress over, but it is chaotic without all that info at hand.

  2. We love the app Ourgroceries (also on the web) so husband and wife can share the same list on their individual phones (you cross out and item and it crosses out on his list, too)

  3. What app does your mom use for her grocery shopping? There are so mny out there. Thanks in advance.
    Grocery Gadget

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