Sunday found us in the scenic countryside of Rocky Ridge, Maryland. We arrived at the home fellowship’s meeting at noon. After a little maneuvering, Dad managed to pull the bus into the long, gravel driveway.

The church fellowship was finishing up their service, and we enjoyed meeting many people after that. The kitchen was soon a beehive of activity as the moms and young ladies worked on preparing for the lunch, while the men and boys were outside.

After a delicious lunch and a quick clean up, everyone gathered for a 2 p.m. session Dad gave on Preparing Sons. The main, large room was full, and the secondary room that opened up off of it was also full. In addition to the home fellowship, several families from Titus2 came (one family came from near D.C.).

View from the dining room
Praying before dinner.
Mom gave a session for the first time in a bedroom!
Dad gave one to the men in the main room.
Ladies in the kitchen working.
Christopher photographed this couple's wedding five years ago, and we were surprised and delighted to see them Sunday! They now have three little ones.
Christopher gave two sessions for the youth in the basement.

It was a delight to be able to spend time with fellow believers Sunday. We were blessed by our bond in the Lord. Thank you, dear fellowship, for blessing us in return!


“That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ” (1 John 1:3).

2 thoughts on “Sunday”

  1. I’m sorry that we were unable to come, my husband had responsibilities at evening church and we couldn’t get away. I love that the sessions were held in someone’s home! Have you done your sessions in homes before? I’m sure that many were blessed. I have to commend whoever is handling your orders at home, since we were not able to make it to MD I ordered a few things online Monday morning, Monday at noon I received an email that my package had been shipped, I still am amazed at that! Blessings to you, Maxwells.
    Mrs. Kelly,
    We’re sorry that you couldn’t come! This was the first time we’ve had a meeting in a family’s home. A young lady back at home is shipping our website orders. She’s doing a GREAT job. Thanks, Kristina :-).

  2. I can spot all the Maxwell girls at a glance because of your matching green dresses! It looks like a full house.

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