ENOCH NJ Homeschool Convention

Friday morning found John, Joseph, and Jesse helping vendors in the vendor hall; we were already set up, but many vendors still needed to prepare their booths. What were the boys doing?! Everything from  helping drivers with limited reverse operational experience with trailers pull into the hall with no mishaps to unloading boxes and other tasks. The guys really enjoyed their time!

By 2 p.m., everything was in order and ready for the homeschool families to peruse the vendor hall.

The Lord used each of Dad and Mom’s sessions to speak to parents. Often, we children had great conversations with parents at our book tables as they asked us questions about how we were raised.

Families gained new vision as they heard how to raise sons who could provide for their families, how it was possible to be a family team, how the mom could effectively homeschool multiple children, how to have daily, family Bible time, and how they could have children who would love and serve the Lord Jesus.

A neat “side bonus” this convention offered was free admission to parents of preschoolers (the oldest had to be 5 or less), and it was great seeing many young families contemplating homeschooling, while soaking in the information.

The ENOCH convention staff was very gracious and hospitable to us, providing multiple meals for the family throughout the weekend.

It was a joy to be able to share with the homeschoolers of New Jersey.

John, Jesse, and Joseph volunteered in the vendor hall.
Right before the convention opened, we discovered our electricity didn't work. It ended up they had to get out the forklift to rewire things (see the background).
Dad giving Feed My Sheep.
Christopher giving Success or Failure.
Joseph talking at the table.
A view from the back of the Hearts session Friday evening.
Anna and I
Joseph talking.
What is it like to get ready for a conference? Well, it IS possible for three people to use one mirror in a pinch.
A cute family with boy/girl twins.
Mom giving Chores.
There was a need for more chairs in Mom's sessions, so the Maxwell guys and a few ENOCH helpers to the rescue!
The stroller/Mama line up in Mom's session.
Dad giving Manager of His Home.
A familiar site throughout the weekend: rolling carts to tote around purchases.
A mom feeding her little one.
Christopher talking.
Mom talking.
Mom and Dad

“But exhort one another daily, while it is called To day; lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin” (Hebrews 3:13).

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  1. Are those the new jumpers???? 🙂 I love the guy’s suits! Sounds like the Lord gave you a blessed weekend! Thank you so much for updating. Okay…the children are standing behind me wanting me to go to the geese post. 🙂
    Praying for you!!!
    Yes, the burgundy are the new ones. We’ll have to try for a group picture at some point! 🙂 Sarah

  2. Great pictures! I am glad things went well – – I’m sure you all are touching many lives with your messages and products. Continued prayers as you travel! 🙂
    Hugs from Georgia, Patti M.

  3. Wonderful pictures. It looks like you had a good conferene here. How blessed all the families that were able to hear you and meet you. You all look very professional in your suits and new dresses–very nice.

    Keeping you in our prayers for safe travels and lots of fun family time. Prayers for Melaine and BabyMax–hoping they are well.

    My oldest sister passed away, and I’m flying to New Mexico to attend her memorial this coming weekend. Healthwise Mom isn’t able to go, so Phil will stay with her.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari
    Oh, Mrs. Mari, I’m sorry about your sister. May Jesus give you grace and strength! Sarah

  4. I am so thankful y’all had a great convention! You are such a blessing to so many lives. Continuing in prayer for the rest of your trip as well as for Nathan, Melanie, Abigail and Baby Max. 🙂

  5. I always enjoy all the pictures. How wonderful of the Maxwell Men to help out others that weren’t done setting up. Thanks for keeping us all updated on everything that’s going on. It’s always a joy to read about what y’all have been up to and, of course, to pray for your family.

    Praising Him,

  6. You have no idea the impact you’ve had on lives at this convention. May the Lord be praised and your family blessed abundantly for your sessions taught with such dedication and conviction. I haven’t been so deeply challenged in years. My husband and I just finished hearing a sermon/teaching seminar of yours tonight…and he said, “honey, we should listen to that again.” Although he wasn’t with me at the convention, he is learning and open and we spent the night in prayer for our family & specifically how the Lord wants us to move our lives in the direction of keeping our young sons’ hearts. May God bless you, Maxwells! Susan

  7. Hello! I was at Enoch’s homeschool convention. I went to a few of your parents seminars. I also bought Summer With The Moody’s for my boys ages 7 & 12. I read it aloud to them and they loved it. The begged for more chapters each night. I am sorry I didn’t get all the books and will be ordering them when the boys save enough allowance to get them (they want to get them and said they would save allowance.)
    Thanks so much! Your family was a blessing to my boys and I.

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