A Temporary Leak

Our driving day yesterday was beautiful: sunny, blue skies with cool temperatures. Most of us took naps in the afternoon, and with the cool breeze blowing through the bus, the rest was wonderful.

Late in the afternoon, John discovered the floor next to Dad and Mom’s bed was rather damp, not a good sign seeing we had just installed a new water tank under their bed! It was decided that a connection hadn’t been crimped, so, we needed to find a — you guessed it — Lowe’s. If you were to remember on our last trip, where did we have to stop our first night?! Lowe’s! Anyway, the problem is fixed, and a little time and wind will dry the carpet, so no big deal.

We had a delicious stew. Yumm.

We settled at Home Sweet Home (aka Wal-Mart) in Terre Haute, Indiana. We left a little before 7 this morning, due to trying to stay ahead of a storm. Our plan was to make it to Washington, Pennsylvania tonight, but with an early start, we’ll likely go further.

Thank you for praying!


“As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God” (Psalms 42:1).

7 thoughts on “A Temporary Leak”

  1. Oh, I wish I would have known where you all were stopping. We could have been able to let you all stay with us! We live in Indianapolis, which is not far away, and you all could have spent some time here for dinner and family Bible time, then warm showers and bed! You are welcome anytime you are in the area to stop here and stay with us. Our family is very appreciative of the ministry you all do. You are an admirable family and we would have loved to have you in our home. It would be an honor anytime.
    Thanks so much for your kind offer. šŸ™‚ We are very grateful! Sarah

  2. Greetings from Massachusetts! Praise the Lord for His road-side provision and protection for your family as you travel to the east coast. We can testify of the faithfulness of God’s wondrous care while traveling in a bus. You are welcome to stop in at our humble abode, too! There’s room for your coach and in-house mechanics available should your bus need repairs or maintenance. We would like to meet your family, Lord willing, during your trip to NH. If that works out for you, please let us know : )
    Thanks for your kind offer! We sent you an e-mail… Sarah

  3. Welcome to PA!! The Lord brought your family to mind this morning so I prayed for your trip. You get so much accomplished on the morning of a travel day, many hands truly do make light work:) I’m hoping we can see you at MD, my husband is traveling this week as well so I need to see if he’s up to a little day trip on Sunday. Your family and it’s ministry is much appreciated!

  4. Terre Haute, Indiana?? I doubt that I have been to the Walmart there, but I have spent a lot of time in that area with family! I was just thinking that…as I read your blog…you would once again drive near our home near Indianapolis! Last time you were in this direction, you took pictures from I465! I would soooo love to meet you in person sometime! Sorry about the storm, it rained here most of the day!
    Love in Christ,
    Mrs. Beth

  5. Praying for your family on this three week trip and that eternal blessing will come from it! I must say that I am not familiar with Lowe’s being from Quebec, Canada, but I am assuming that it’s a hardware store. Praying that the Lord will keep Uriah in good “health”!

    Blessing from Quebec,
    Yes, sorry Samantha–it’s like a Home Depot!

  6. So thankful the leak was fixed and it didn’t end up being a major problem! ~ Continued prayers as you travel.
    Hugs from Georgia, Patti M.

    P.S. Had to smile at your “Home sweet home” comment!! šŸ™‚

  7. I’m about 20 minutes from Walmart in Terre Haute! Please, if you go through there on your way home, drop me an email and let me know! My daughters and I (who are only 4 and 6!) would LOVE to bring something special from our kitchen to yours! Please, let us know!

    That’s so kind of you! I don’t know what our plans are driving home, but sometimes we don’t decide where to stop until the evening of :-). We would enjoy something home-cooked like that :-). Sarah

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