Thank You and Another Request

Thank you to all the ladies who sent their testimonies of how the Lord has worked in their hearts about staying at home. We are praying that the Learning to Be Keepers at Home workshop for girls by we Maxwell girls would work mightily in many young women’s hearts.

I was now wondering if the moms who have been stay-at-home moms from the beginning could share testimonies with me concerning how they have benefitted by staying home. I would be interested in the testimonies including the little treasures that you have found in daily life at home, why you enjoy being home, and perhaps three things (or more if you want : )) you would say to a young lady about how she can prepare for her life ahead of her. Do you regret not having a career outside the home?

We cannot express our gratitude for your helping us with this. As I am working on refining this workshop, I am excited by how the testimonies I have and the ones you might give me will bring life and validation to the structure of the workshop. May the Lord bless you as you invest in the lives of others.

Mail them to:  [email protected]

In Christ,


One thought on “Thank You and Another Request”

  1. What I would say to any young wife/mother is that there is nothing outside the home that cannot be done as well as (or better than) you can do it, but nobody can take your place at home, especially with your young children. Whatever it is that you’re thinking about doing will be there waiting for you in the years to come, but your children will grow up only once. There is no one else who can be their mother.

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