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We are looking forward to our next trip, and as we’ve been preparing, we’re working on expanding some of our workshops. One of these is the session for young ladies called “Learning to be Keepers at Home” that we girls give together.

Our goal for this session is to encourage young ladies to follow in the foot steps of their moms, choosing to stay at home and homeschool their children. We are suggesting that young ladies learn homemaking and mothering tasks, so that when they are married they are fully equipped for their responsibilities.

If you are a stay-at-home mom, we would be very grateful if you could just take a few moments to write out a testimony about how much you enjoy being at home. We are also wanting testimonies from ladies who have had a career but have now decided to stay home with their children.

You can then email any testimonies to [email protected].Thank you very much for your help! We think it will be a blessing to many young ladies.

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5 thoughts on “A Request”

  1. What is wrong with women having a job? They are perfectly capable of having a career, just like men.
    Hi Rob,

    There is no doubt they are capable. The same skills they have that make them wonderful mothers actually make them succeed in the workforce. However, anyone can bring home a paycheck, but it is a far higher honor and calling to shape the soul of a child as they raise them.


    Titus 2:5 “To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.”

  2. To chime in to Rob’s comment, the problem with women having a job outside the home is that they are asked to fulfill two enormous roles — a keeper at home AND a breadwinner. As someone who tried to do both for several years, I can tell you the woman feels stretched to her limits and can’t fulfill either of those roles satisfactorily to the happiness of anyone — children, husband, employer, or herself. It is constantly frustrating to not be able to “keep up” in any capacity and going to bed every night feeling like a failure on all levels is so very discouraging.

    And, while women are in fact perfectly capable of having a career “just like men”, they are given the gift of becoming mothers, which is completely contrary to being “just like men”. We women are built by design to nurture our children and our home. To take on the added responsibility of a job outside those two enormous responsibilities is just asking her to dilute her dedication to her primary responsibilities.

  3. I have a good job. In fact, I’m studying to attain the next level at my job. So I have it “all” – high-level employee, mother to my two children, and student. Some would call me supermom. Others would say I’m showing my children a good example as I drop them off at daycare. Still others might wonder how I’m doing it.

    I would trade it ALL, EVERY SINGLE BIT to be a stay-at-home mom again!!! I am the sole income earner for my family so that is not possible right now. I am compromising my children as they are continually exposed to worldly systems. I’ve compromised myself so often on so many fronts by simply being too exhausted, mentally and spiritually, to do anything else. In fact, my very worst fear is that someone will look at my life and say to themselves that being a single (divorced) mom or working mom can’t be that bad – look how she’s made it work. No, no, no and no!

    Moms, I don’t get to do what you do – homeschool and be there for your children. It’s SO true that the worst day at home beats the best day at the office. Lest one think that I am working for the extras, let me say right now that I rent, not own; we have lite internet, not cable; and I drive a 15-year-old car. We have taken one vacation, and that only to the next province, in 5 years. The only thing that I can do now is to instill in my son that he absolutely cannot marry until he can fully support his wife and to not let my daughter marry a man who cannot or will not give her the choice of being a stay-at home mom.

    Have a career or raise children. Not both at the same time.

  4. I am a woman and I am perfectly ‘capable’ of having a career – indeed I have previously had one in the legal profession. However now that my husband has taken on the full burden of providing for our family I feel completely fulfilled and at peace taking care of my children, my husband and our home. I feel this is my God given responsibility, right and privilege. I know that I am ‘equal’ to men but believe that I have a ‘different’ role to play in life – this does not make me less equal. There is a mind set in the world today that taking care of your household is a lesser task. I believe we need to transform our thinking (Romans 12) to understand the order that God has placed in our families.

  5. I was raised to be a career woman, and put off having children until I was 35/ i now have 2 children, and work as a busy executive. My husband is a stay at home father.


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