Spring Is On the Way

Although on our first day of spring, we had a storm which brought eight inches of snow. Thankfully it didn’t last, and we had warmer temperatures this past week. Life continues along as we keep busy with Titus2 ministry things, school, house projects, and helping Nathan and Melanie. Thank you for praying for Baby Max. Melanie’s pre-term labor issues have settled down for the time being, and she’s feeling Baby Max being an active little guy/gal. She continues to stay mostly down, as the greatly reduced activity level keeps the pre-term labor down.

The last “unposted pictures” blog post will be in the next day or two.


This is what can be seen this week...
But last Saturday and Sunday, we had snow!
Freshly mown grass.
The girls took Abby on a walk Friday afternoon, and Grandad, Grandma, and Aunt Tami (visiting from Alabama), also went.
The girls received some things to decorate their room for Christmas, and we've had some time to figure out exactly how we wanted to arrange things.
A blog reader made this beautiful, hand-stitched sunflower for us. We wanted to hang it right away! Thank you, Mrs. Patty.

“Saying, Amen: Blessing, and glory, and wisdom, and thanksgiving, and honour, and power, and might, be unto our God for ever and ever. Amen” (Revelation 7:12).

6 thoughts on “Spring Is On the Way”

  1. Thank you for the update on Melanie’s pregnancy. My family prays for her and the preborn baby daily.
    Miami, Florida

  2. Oh my! I was enjoying this post and viewing the pictures (especially the precious ones of Sarah and Abby!) and did not expect to see my little gift on here! I have tears now as I type this! ~ Your family is so special and continues to be a blessing to me (just wish Kansas wasn’t so far away *sigh*). 🙂 Continued prayers for Melanie and Baby Max, and for all of the Maxwells. Love in Christ, Patti M. 🙂

  3. Dear Sarah,

    Thanks for the post. That’s sure a pretty picture of you! It’s good to hear that Melanie and Baby Maxwell are doing well! May Jesus fill you all with news springs of hope and joy this coming year! God bless! Love, Rebecca K.

    Our family appreciates very much!

  4. So happy to hear Melanie and baby Max are doing well. Will continue to keep them in my prayers!

    Enjoyed all the pictures, spring is a favourite season of mine. I love seeing new life. Beautiful picture of you in the snow, Sarah.

  5. So good to hear the Melanie and the baby are doing so well! We have been praying everyday. We have very warm spring like weather here in Wisconsin – and are enjoying it as well!

  6. I am so glad that Melanie is doing better! God bless you all! It is supposed to be 80 degrees by the end of the week here in central Indiana!

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