Week #4: Unposted Pictures

Another week has flown by, and it’s time for Week #4 of unposted pictures. I hope you enjoy by the fuller glimpse into it. I want to share several specific ways the Lord guided us.

  • We made it back over the mountain pass from Carson City to California safely. The guys “chained up” for the first time, and the truck driver who pulled in next to us drove that route every day, and he gave the boys some tips on the process.
  • While we were in White City, we were able to share at a men’s home. Dad and Mom were out for a walk when they saw the home, and after talking to the administrator, music was set up for late that afternoon!
  • We saw the Lord soften hearts at conference after conference. I remember specifically one city on this trip: I came into the girls’ room and my heart sunk. You would have thought I was about to give a funeral, not a girls’ talk! But, as I shared, hearts softened! What a blessing that is.
Mount Shasta
Lake Shasta
We had quite a few rainy days on this trip, so the sunny ones were a treat!
Sheep grazing in a pasture.
A view from the balcony (of the men's home, that is). For some reason people don't like to sit up front.
Dad chatting with two of the men.
Daddy talking.
We often parked at churches, and it became our "home sweet home."
Jesse helping to load up after the Friday evening sessions.
Here's how to set up a speaker, step-by-step from Christopher.
Mary helping with the balloons.

Usually Jesse loads up, but that weekend, Joseph did quite a bit.
Christopher enjoying a little one.
Although we've been in some very tight spots (I'm serious!) wtih the bus, we've never become stuck. Here Joseph is holding tree branches out of the way as the bus exits an extremely tight church parking lot.

It was in this same town, that we had to stop at an auto parts store. We pulled into the parking lot, dropped John off, and then parked off to the side on the street (remember, Uriah doesn’t just go anywhere in a parking lot, and in a small lot, we’d take almost all the spots). Not realizing John was related to the bus, John heard some interesting conversation. They wondered if the bus was going to park in the street overnight (figured it probably would! you know how people are these days), wondered if the driver had a CDL to drive that thing (you actually don’t since it’s an RV), among other items.

Do you remember the picture I posted on our trip of two children listening to music? Well, you'll see them again here.
People enjoy hearing Christopher play the harmonica!

“Whom having not seen, ye love; in whom, though now ye see him not, yet believing, ye rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory” (1 Peter 1:8).

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  1. Love all the pictures. I didn’t know Christopher played the harmonica. Our N. is trying to learn to play too!

  2. Loved the pictures of Shasta Lake and Mt. Shasta. We used to live in the city of Mt. Shasta and crossed over that Lake many times at year to shop and visit friends. It is still as beautiful as I remember. Looking forward to you all coming to the Boise area in the fall. God bless your travels.

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