Week #3: Some Unposted Pictures

Sundays come fast, and thus it’s time for week #3 in unposted pictures.

Several blessings from that week:

  • Although we were in the midst of heavy, heavy rain, we had no major leaks. The bays where all the books were stayed dry, and the inside of the bus, except for a door leak, also stayed dry. We didn’t experience the high winds that had been forecasted, which was a blessing.
  • We did our first Wednesday evening service, with only a day’s notice, and it was incredible. What a joy to share that way!
  • We were able to make it to Sacramento over the Grapevine! I remember standing at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and hearing from Mom that the pass was closed. How we were going to make it, was the question? The Lord has proven Himself faithful time and time again, so it was only a matter of “how” not “if”. Sure enough, we were able to make it over the pass that evening, and shortly after that, it was closed again.
  • We crossed another mountain range going to Carson City with no problems through the famous Donner Pass. Even though up to 3 inches of snow had been predicted for Carson City Monday night, there was no measurable amount, and people came despite the predictions. Another “praise the Lord”!
Dad, on that Wednesday evening service.
Our great banjo player!
This picture doesn't do the view justice, as we drove up to the library, but even with the rain, the lush green valleys were gorgeous.
One interesting thing: as we drove up the winding road to the library, on each side of the road, were these signs about each different president, along with the years they served.
At one point, we looked outside of the library, and we could see Uriah. You'll want to click into the picture to see it bigger, but can you spot him?
We all enjoyed the tour of Air Force One.
Three of my brothers.
Mary and I
Young ladies who enjoy the Moody books.
I saw this truck when we were leaving the place we parked after coming out of the Grapevinew. Must be a ton of carrots!
"Jesse, my boy, do you need some help bringing things in?"
"Okay, Jesse, I'll help. You can ride."
Setting up for the Sacramento conference.
Singing Friday evening.
Anna, Jesse, and Mary do a great job running the book tables. Sometimes it can get hectic, but they are wonderful at keeping up.
Christopher sharing with the young people and children.
Mom sharing with the ladies.
Driving to Carson City.
Going to tune up!
This is actually a unique shot. We are facing reflective glass, which looked like a mirror, at the back of the sanctuary. This time, I was able to be in the photo!

“For thou art my rock and my fortress; therefore for thy name’s sake lead me, and guide me” (Psalms 31:3).

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