Bus Cleaning and Birthday Celebration #2

It’s been another busy week at the Maxwells. We love our Sundays: a day to worship the Lord and a day of resting to recharge for the coming week. Yesterday morning, we girls and Mom tackled cleaning the bus. We hadn’t had the time to tackle it since we’ve been back, and although we’d cleaned it many times on the road, it still needed a thorough one plus all of the bedding needed to be washed. There was much to be done, but in about two hours, the bus was back to being “road worthy.”

The next trip will be here before we know it! We will be doing three homeschool conventions in May, and we would love to do some single-evening conferences and church services in between. If you’re interested, please see our Speaking Schedule.

This past Friday, we also officially celebrated John’s birthday. When you have a birthday on the road, you get a bonus: you really end up with two birthdays, but only have to turn one year older! 🙂 I figured out that this year, over half of us will have birthdays while we’re away.

One of our friends at the nursing home appears to be dying. For two years now, Christopher has gone to pray with him each week that he’s able. It’s been a special time for both of them. As a side note, Mr. M. had prayed for several years for a church to do services at the home, and we were the answer to prayer. We know dear Mr. M. is trusting in the Lord Jesus for his salvation!

Noticed what happened to the numbers on his cake?!
The boys have started an exercise routine early in the morning, from 5-5:30 to wake them up for their Bible time right after that. One thing John received was a pull-up bar.
Yes, this is another new guinea pig! Jesse noticed his first pig wasn't doing very well, and after some research, he found they do better if they have a buddy. So, another one was acquired, and the guinea pigs are as happy as ever. Names have been discussed, and for now the lighter one is "Butter" and the darker "Peanut."

“But now they desire a better country, that is, an heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God: for he hath prepared for them a city” (Hebrews 11:16).

2 thoughts on “Bus Cleaning and Birthday Celebration #2”

  1. Happy Birthday to John! He looks great for “91”! 🙂 Jesse’s guinea pigs are sooo cute, and I like those names too. ~ Praying for the precious man at the nursing home – – I’m sure it’s always difficult for you all when a dear friend at the home passes – – but when you know they’re saved, you can rejoice for them! ~ Enjoyed all the pictures – – thank you for sharing!
    Blessings from Georgia, Patti M. 🙂

  2. One thing- I love the guinea pigs by the way- guinea pigs are VERY fragile. My friend is a vet and has had guinea pigs since she was 12. She currently owns 200 guinea pigs and most of her pigs are national champions in guinea pigs shows. On thing I learned the hard way- ANYTHING can cause them stress, and even a little bit of stress can cause their lungs to fill up with water (their lungs are their “shock absorbers”) and die. Please watch them at all times for things like that. They are so sweet, but die so quickly!Cograts on your new little pal!

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