Week #1: Some “UnPosted” Pictures

As you can imagine, we take a ton of pictures on each trip, and only a small number in the overall scheme of things is posted. I was curious how many pictures we took, so I checked: over 5,600 pictures! After all, since they’re digital, there’s no harm in taking them (but long-term storage is more the issue).

I had the thought to post a few pictures as “memories” from the last six weeks as one blog post, but as I began to look through them, we have too many “unposted” pictures to go with just one blog post, so watch for a few more over the next weeks!

Seeing the hand of the Lord at work was amazing.

For week #1, here are a few things. The evening of January 2nd stands out in my mind, as we had bad news with the bus regarding some mechanical issues. Worst case was it could take two weeks to get the parts and the bus fixed, OR, maybe it wasn’t what we thought. Long story short, over that jam-packed Monday, January 4th, and lots of prayer, we were able to get a part overnighted. John installed it Tuesday morning in frigid outdoor temperatures, and he also made a temporary fix for another problem that would hold until we could stop on a free day at a Detroit Diesel shop and get a part installed. So, Tuesday afternoon, we were OFF, with Uriah running like a champ. We have found that the more problems we have prior to a trip, the more the spiritual fruit during the trip.

Dad has reminded us that never once have we missed a conference due to a bus problem. We also saw the Lord at work when an oil line blew in Oklahoma City; things looked a bit dismal that night as it was contemplated getting it fixed (and likely not going to Carlsbad Caverns). The next morning, John made several phone calls, and he decided he would fix it himself. We ended up being a stone’s throw from a place which had a part John needed to repair it.

I can’t imagine life without the Lord Jesus. Seeing Him work is thrilling: people may think that being a Christian means that everything will go well, at least from an earthly standpoint. No, it’s not that way. Yet there’s joy in following Jesus, in resting in Him through trials and challenges. Our desire is that as we share how the Lord is working, you will see the reality of Him doing the same in your life.

Here are some of the “unposted” pictures from the first week.

John checking the tire pressure before we left.
With our new furniture in the bus, we now have seatbelts. Here everyone is digging the first time for those seatbelts. After they were fished through the seat, we were fine, but it took a bit of work at the beginning! In next week's unposted pictures, I'll make sure to include one of our new seating.
Parked behind the building where they made the new oil line for us.
The Maxwell Girls
At Carlsbad...
Waiting for our cave tour that afternoon...
Our spelunkers (the boys and Dad) heading down into the lower cave!
A Christopher photo.
The first "unload" on the trip! Nice warm temperatures.
The girls talking after the music concert in El Paso.
Sisters at the El Paso Conference.
A house Mom lived in when she was a little girl (at Ft. Bliss).
Another gorgeous view out the bus, this time as we drove at White Sands.
You know how things go: we even had trouble with our generator. At one point, it wouldn't start, and when it did, it was just full of white smoke! Here's one such try in Las Cruces. The problem was eventually solved.


“O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever” (Psalms 118:29).

2 thoughts on “Week #1: Some “UnPosted” Pictures”

  1. I love your posts very much, Sarah, Anna, and the other posters! They are awesome! You even prompted me to put a verse at the end of my posts on our blog..thank you fro thses little hints of showing people you serve God.
    I’ll be praying for you!
    Katy A.

  2. I’m sorry you all had so many bus troubles at the beginning, but you were persistent and faithful and the Lord blessed you!! ~ Enjoyed all these pictures! Hugs, Patti M. 🙂

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