Digging out from under the piles!

There is much unpacking (well, it’s really unloading as we don’t pack everything in bags now that we’re traveling in the bus) and settling down that is happening now that we’re home. Sarah has the most, because she does the trip “aftermath” for the ministry.

We were  excited to be back home after being gone for six weeks. There are many aspects about house living that one finds they forget, and then appreciate when they are back home. It is  amazing not bumping into each other all the time – or waiting for the hallway to clear before walking back to get something! We don’t have to watch our water usage like we did on the bus. It feels strange to go to the cupboard and get out a real plate since we have used paper products for the whole trip. We have to lose the habit of opening a drawer a short distance and then pushing down on the baby latch since we have become accustomed to that with the bus drawers. Even drinking from a normal cup seems unusual since we have been drinking bottles of water for so long.

Getting all of our things from our bunks is a bit of a challenge when we're all working at the same time!
There are lots of places where things get stashed, and if we don't do a thorough inspection of the bus when we get home then a few weeks later we'll be looking for something and have forgotten that it was on the bus!
Jesse unloaded the books and such from the bays.
Like we mentioned earlier Grandma has been sorting the mail while were gone, and she made it very easy to sort through it all now that we're home!
Yesterday, KDOT was spraying the roads with a salt/liquid mixture because another winter storm is predicted for this area, and we drove through it so Jesse washed the bus to get the salt off!

“…O Lord GOD…let the house of thy servant be blessed for ever.” (2 Samuel 7:29)


4 thoughts on “Digging out from under the piles!”

  1. I’m sure it is so nice to be back in your home that “isn’t on wheels”! 🙂 Hoping you all get plenty of rest, and hoping Sarah doesn’t feel “overwhelmed” with all she has to do. 🙂 I am so thankful for the Lord’s protection for you all as you traveled and worked for Him.
    Many hugs, Patti M.

  2. I just wanted to let you all know what a blessing and encouragement your family is! I truly enjoy and look forward to your blog posts and have been praying for your safety during your recent road trip. I recently made my first order from your website and look forward to receiving them and being blessed by the products! Thanks again, your love for Jesus is so wonderful!

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