A sunny California conference

It’s hard to believe we just finished our sixth weekend conference in a row. The last six weeks have been a bit of a blur, although the pictures and blog posts help to document everywhere we’ve been! In a way, it seems like a long time since we were home, but yet, the time has gone so quickly, it doesn’t seem like that.

We arrived in Fallbrook Thursday afternoon. We had a quiet afternoon/evening, resting and preparing for the weekend. At that point, we discovered an issue with a pipe going to one of our tanks, so Friday morning, Dad, Joseph, and the coordinator’s son (who kindly drove them and another time let us borrow his truck) went to get the parts needed.

By the afternoon, the repair was made, and we were preparing to set up. I think for the most part set up has gone quite smoothly after so much practice! This weekend, four families graciously provided meals for us–thank you!

Jesse setting up Friday.
We were talking about this being our last weekend set up (on this trip of course), and the girls posed for a set up picture.

The weather was almost too good to be true. Crisp, blue skies, temperatures in the 70’s, green grass, and blooming flowers. This was like late spring in Kansas, not winter.

I thought this was a neat situation. The lady on the right was explaining about the Preparing Sons book and encouraging the other lady on it!

Back to the conference: hearts were again open, hungry, and receptive. Dad and Mom had many parents come up to them to discuss things shared and their own personal situation. Each of us children also had opportunities to talk and encourage others as well. The weekends seem to fly by!

Then, Dad preached for a small fellowship this morning. We were supposed to have met at the local water plant’s meeting room, but apparently the room was given to someone else, so a new location was secured: a pavilion at the local community center. Chairs were set up, and church was begun under the small shelter. It was a wonderful time of singing, preaching, and talking afterward. We were very blessed by the friendship and warmth of those attending—they made us feel very welcome!

Sarah for the rest

“Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples” (John 15:8).

3 thoughts on “A sunny California conference”

  1. Love to attend one of your conferences- Do you ever come to Iowa?

    Hello! We go by invitation, and we don’t have anything scheduled in Iowa yet. We have an upcoming trip in May, so if you’re interested in scheduling something, please contact my Dad ([email protected]). Sarah

  2. Thank you for this update, Sarah! It sounds like you all have touched/reached so many hearts for the Lord, and it truly blesses me just to read about what all your family is doing. As always, I will continue praying for you all as you minister, and am also praying for safety while traveling. Hugs, Patti M. 🙂
    P.S. So glad you had that nice “Spring-like” weather – – an added blessing!! 🙂

  3. I am so glad that everything has been going so well for your family this trip. Praying that you will have a safe trip home.

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