We’re here!

Yesterday, we made it safely to Fallbrook, California. It was a beautiful drive here, and we enjoyed the California sun. A few weeks ago when we were here, it rained, so we’re thankful for the warmth while we have it before heading back to Kansas.

Our drive was pretty much uneventful (except for one high-speed panic stop when someone dove for an exit and stopped in front of us), and we are always grateful for the safety that the Lord has given us. There are times when vehicles don’t realize that the bus doesn’t stop as fast as they do, but still the Lord has protected us from a wreck.

We had a bit of an exciting time getting to the church, because some of these California back roads did not seem to be made with buses in mind. It felt like following a snake through the hills, but as always, Dad was a good driver, and we were able to make it here safely.

Today was quiet, and it was refreshing to take a breather after some busy days.

Driving down the interstate.
The daffodils are blooming here in California.
A family here in California gave us some grassfed beef. We enjoyed some fry-pan hamburgers the other night for dinner.

“For it is written, He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee:” (Luke 4:10)


3 thoughts on “We’re here!”

  1. So thankful you made it safely to California. Continued prayers for the Lord’s protection as you all travel. Hugs, Patti M.
    P.S. That burger looks delicious! YUM! 🙂

  2. That burger looks great!!! Friends of ours raised grassfed beef for years, it sure is different then store bought.

    The daffodil picture is lovely 🙂 Who took it?

    God Bless,

    Anna did 🙂 … Sarah

  3. Being from California, I thought you would like to know that the yellow flower in your picture is called a Day Lily. 🙂

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