Traveling in a bus!

As we travel and visit areas and homes, there are many places where we can’t go because the bus is just too big. We have heard many exclamations after we make it into a very tight area, or when people see the bus after not being able to make the turn into their driveway, about how big the bus really is. It’s just  hard to picture how large the bus is when not in person.

I just happened to get the photo below, and later realized that there are three things in the picture that show the issues with many roads and the reason why we can’t fit down many of them. We are constantly on a watch for these obstacles, and there are many more that aren’t even seen in the photo, but for now we’ll stick with only 3 of them.

Can you find the three hazards to watch out for when driving a big vehicle in this photo? Remember you can click into the photo to get a closer look. You can post your guesses as a comment.

“A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.” (Proverbs 22:3)


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  1. Hmmm….the long-hanging power lines? The tree branches sticking out? The sharp curve? ~ I’m sure your Dad has a real challenge handling such a large vehicle! 🙂 (But I’m sure he does an excellent job!)

  2. Now let me see…

    Sharp turns, telephone wires, and fallen trees?

    Praying that you all have safe traveling and stay healthy.

  3. hmmmm,

    My family and I have been following your trip. It sounds like you are having an amazing and fruitful time!

    My sisters and I are guessing the wires and tree branches overhanging the road,
    the sharp bend up ahead, and the yellow and black hazard marker in the foreground.

    Are we right! 🙂

    Keeping your family in our prayer’s.

    In Christ

    Alice, Louisa, Marianne and Hannah

  4. I’d guess:

    1. The overhead wire.

    2. The curve. With a bus, you’d have to enter the oncoming lane to make the curve.

    3. The hidden entrance. A bus might not be able to stop in time if a vehicle pulled out without looking from the lane on the right.

    God Bless!

  5. I am guessing that the curve of the road, the narrowness and the little bridge do not help but the power lines are really scary! Continuing to pray for the safety of your family as you travel and minister to the Body of Christ! Blessings, Amy B

  6. 1. The power lines are the most obvious one to us. Yikes!
    2. The tight turns, one right after another.
    3. The brush and trees overhanging the road. There’s plenty of room for cars, but not so much if you’re in a giant bus 🙂

  7. Sharp curves, low-hanging power lines, trees, narrow bridge, narrow road (little or no shoulder), mailboxes, sign close to edge of road–to name a few. Thank the Lord for the safety He’s given you on this trip! We have never driven a bus, but used to take a pop-up camper when we went camping, and that could get hairy sometimes, too. (Ithaca, NY, comes to mind!) We have also seen big RVs trying to get into/out of tight places. A couple of times a family who drives a converted semi-trailer truck visited our church and parked it there. Quite a sight!

  8. Well, for starters…… the low hanging wires, two curves too close together (?), and the branches……??

  9. I see the low power lines, the trees on the side that would scrap the bus, and the curvy roads. It is nice to see that there are still many wonderful places you can visit even with the big bus 🙂


  10. The too tight corner–probably too tight to get around without going over the line. The power line is pretty low. The road sign is really close to the edge of the road on that curve. The tree branches will probably scratch the bus. There isn’t a shoulder.

  11. The power lines
    The trees sticking out into the road
    The sharpness of the curve itself?

    We use to haul horses. The thinking ahead part becomes very important. I’m enjoying the trip pictures and updates. Thanks.

  12. That is almost a blind corner, and some part of the bus is probably going to cross over the line and someone coming from the other direction at a high rate of speed may not have time to stop. It looks as though the bridge is more of a one lane bridge for your bus. Again, someone coming from the other direction might not see you in time. Of course, there are the power lines that are rather low and you would have to make sure your bus could go under them. Thankfully, dad drives the bus well and the Lord has His hand upon you at all times. I have seen many roads like this as I have lived my entire life here in California:) That brings me to the other thing I wanted to mention. I have been unable for some time to keep up on your blog and yesterday I sat down to catch up the several months I was behind and was disappointed to hear I missed your visit in my area. I didn’t think you would ever make it here and when you did, I knew nothing about it:( My fault for not keeping up. I live in the little town of Weaverville in the mountains to the west of Redding. I guess it was just not ment to be this time. Maybe someday I will get the chance to meet you. Until then, I pray the rest of your journey is a safe and healthy one. Many blessing, Sondra

  13. 1. The corner would make for a dangerous situation. It would be hard to see if there is oncoming traffic and since the bus is so long it would take both lanes to manage the turn.

    2. The low power/telephone lines.

    3. The tree branches hanging over the road.

    And…my guess is that this picture was taken in the Fraser Valley–Abbotsford area??


  14. I would guess sharp curve, low power lines, and low overhanging branches?

    I hope the remainder of trip goes as planned and you have a safe trip back home. I’m sure that sweet Abigail misses all of you so much. Praying for you.

  15. I know Daniel would instantly know all of them as he pulled our 31 ft. trailer behind our 15 passenger van for months, but I’ll give it a shot (promise not to laugh…at least not too loud 🙂 )….
    *Low Utility lines (I assume phone? would power be that low?)
    *Tree branches in the roadway
    *Sharp blind corner where your vehicle has to make wide turns
    Was I close??? I drove our van/trailer twice in our time of towing it…Daniel really needed a nap and we had to keep going and I drove from CA to Nevada. I was terrified! I woke him up like 3 times saying, “What do I do?”. Then I drove once for 10 minutes in Nebraska, but it was sooo windy, I was crying, so he had me pull over.
    Men were made for driving big things! And I’m so thankful they are!
    I pray often for your safely as I know how Daniel had to pay such careful attention to so much.
    We keep checking your blog each day and praying for you! When you were all an hour north of San Deigo, you could have just kept driving south for another 19 hours and you’d get within 5 blocks of our front door! 🙂

  16. Hi Anna!

    I’m guessing low power lines, low hanging trees and a difficult to navigate curve in the road…

    Mrs. H

  17. Hmmm! Hanging wires, narrow bridges and treee branches.
    May God protect and keep you all safe on your journey.

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