A “Little” Bus on a Big Boat

Tuesday morning, after a short night of sleep, we drove to the ferry terminal, arriving a little after 6 a.m., for the 7 o’clock ferry.

We had a plan. Everyone except Mary and I was going to bundle up to go out on deck, watching the sun rise, and observing the beautiful view. After the bus was parked, we headed up several floors to the passenger area. It was a cold, brisk morning, but the family enjoyed their time out on the deck while Mary and I stayed inside the passenger areas to keep warm and explore.

Family stayed close to the wall out of the wind.
It had been a misty morning, but it cleared up after awhile.

The sun rise

The narrow strait we just sailed through.
See the tiny lighthouse?

There were many little islands scattered across the water.

A sea gull enjoying a free ride by soaring in the wind, being pushed up as the ferry moves swiftly through the water.

In the meantime, after exploring the inside for a bit, Mary and I looked for a place to sit with a view out the side. We decided to try to find a place near the front for a better view, so at Christopher’s suggestion, we purchased something from the cafe and found a wonderful area to sit.

Part way through our ride, we saw “something” we were hoping to see, “something” that was even mentioned we might see as a blog comment.

The Orcas (killer whales)Â were surfacing and spouting in unison! One man who has ridden the ferry three times every month for years said he has never seen them before. We felt blessed to see them on our one day-light ride.

ALL of the family saw them! It was an incredible few moments of seeing God’s amazing creatures.

“And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good” (Genesis 1:21).

9 thoughts on “A “Little” Bus on a Big Boat”

  1. Woo hoo, Maxwells! You have officially become honarary Pacific Northwesterners! I posted a few days ago after your first ferry ride in the dark that you would not be disappointed to take a ferry in daylight. I am SO happy for you that you saw whales — that is so amazing! The photos you posted take my breath away (and I actually live here). For me, there is no more beautiful place on Earth. I wake up every day and thank God for the beauty that surrounds me.

    Travel safely and may all be well!
    Karen W.

  2. Christopher, you have a real gift from the Lord with your photography. I always enjoy your pictures. Hope you enjoyed your trip to the island. I had been there once many years ago. It was really beautiful.
    Glad to hear Mary is doing better. Thankfully you have a “home away from home”. God bless you on your return trip.

    P.S. I want to thank you for your book “Managers of Their Schools”.It was a blessing when I really needed it. Thank you.

  3. What a wonderful experience for you all to see those whales!! The Lord provides such unexpected delights in life sometimes! ~ I really enjoyed viewing all of these pictures, and was especially interested in that very small lighthouse. Do you know if it’s actually a “working” lighthouse? (I love lighthouses and have always been fascinated by them). ~ Thank you for sharing this update. Continued prayers for all of the Maxwells, and also hoping Mary is improving each day. Hugs, Patti M. 🙂
    Mrs. Patti–The lighthouse was pretty small, so I don’t think anyone actually “works” in it, but there was a working light! Mary is doing better :-). Sarah

  4. There’s not many places more beautiful than British Columbia! So glad you all got to go out there and see it. What an amazing demonstration of God’s creation power!

  5. The pictures in this post are amazing! Great job Christopher and Praise the Lord that you were able to see all of those things! We’re even more glad you were able to share them with us 🙂 Have a very safe trip heading back toward home!!

  6. What a beautiful sight those orcas must have been. Something I would love to see in real life. God is good!!

    I like your new blog look, I read here often, just haven’t taken the time to comment.

    May the Lord continue to bless your trip. 🙂

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