Abbotsford Report

We aren’t in Canada too often, so when we are, it’s a special treat. This time, our weekend conference was just barely over the border, but if you’ve been reading the posts, you’ll see we also went to Vancouver Island (which is where we are currently).

Friday set up went well, and before we knew it, dinner had arrived. Our coordinator had fixed a delicious dinner and surprised us with a special dessert from Dairy Queen.

Anna started with a cold that hit her voice about Wednesday, and she was being careful not to talk much to save it for singing Friday evening. It was amazing listening to her sing: you never would have guessed she had any voice problems! I remember when we were doing the Red Deer, Alberta convention, the same thing happened, and her voice sounded crystal clear—truly an answer to prayer. Music went pretty smoothly, except for twice when an unnamed individual bumped the microphone which caused a loud clunk and those singing jumped.

Saturday morning dawned a sunny day, a treat after so many rainy ones! The Lord brought many families to the conference and the day went by in a whirl. One family had driven from over 6 hours north to come, and they had a neat testimony on how the Lord moved them up from California.

The book tables were swamped almost the entire day, so we kept extremely busy. We had encouraged people to make the purchases earlier on so that we could pack up since we had a ferry deadline. Hearts were open to the message shared (although the message and things shared were new to many of the families), and we pray the Lord will bring lasting fruit.

We don’t say this lightly, but we really believe that this trip has had so much more fruit than other trips, and we feel this is a result of all the prayer. We know specifically many who are praying; we are so grateful. One young man told John recently that he had felt strongly prompted to pray for us Thursday night, and that very night John had an opportunity to talk to a young man who was struggling (an understatement).

A full room of dads!
John and Anna gave the Unity session this weekend.
We were too busy this weekend to take many pictures, but we still managed to squeeze in some!

The coordinator's family brought in quite a few chairs, since the church didn't have the # that was needed.
Mom with the coordinator

We just received a testimony e-mail from our coordinator, and they shared from the e-mails they are already receiving that lives were truly changed and young people have been saved. It makes us almost weep with joy! Praise the Lord!


”… but I desire fruit that may abound to your account” (Philippians 4:17).

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  1. I was there!! What a thrill to finally meet you all in person. Your family’s presence left an incredible encouragement on my heart. I am so excited that my husband was also inspired from Steves’ messages. The highlight for me was to be able to give Teri a hug for the many words of encouragement she has shared in print all these years. Love you all!

  2. THANK YOU FOR COMING! We were there also! I wished to speak to Teri but did not get the opportunity. What a wonderful time of encouragement, and especially wonderful that our whole family could be present this time. Thank you for your faithful words and testimonies…may God reward your labor of love and untiring faithfulness and service to Him. The thing that impressed me most was your family’s wholehearted devotion and separation to Jesus Christ. Even among “conservative” Christians, it is rare to see such devotion and wholeheartedness for the Lord.

    It was good to be reminded of those things, and my husband desires to build a family vision and to be more proactive in being a leader. Praise the Lord! I am inspired to schedule our days again, mainly because I want to use the time more wisely and for the Lord. Your message may not be popular in this culture and time, but it is so soooo needed. We agree 100%! When we see your family – their spirits and attitudes and mannerisms – it gives what you have to say much practical support because we can see the fruits of your labors in your amazing family. We have seen firsthand the heartache that it causes when parents, no matter how well-meaning, miss these things and lose their children’s hearts. My husband echoed your words unknowingly “it is our vital priority”. May your spirits and bodies be sustained and refreshed in Christ and you be given renewed energy for the remainder of your trip. We raise you up to God in prayer.

  3. Hello Sarah
    Thank you for sharing the pictures! I was looking through some of your older ones and couldn’t help but admire your photography. I have started getting into it myself and really enjoy it. I was actually at this conference and can’t tell you how much it encouraged me. (I was the one coughing at the back during the girls seminar.) I live in a small town near Prince Rupert were there aren’t many families that think the same way as us. It was such a blessing to see another family that does. God Bless and have a safe trip!
    ~Amanda W.
    (Age 15)

  4. We so enjoyed the conference and were so blessed by your wisdom.
    Thank you for sharing your love and passion so others can be blessed and encouraged to fight for our families for The Lord.
    Huge changes have been occurring in my family.
    Thanks again it was great having you in BC.
    Please come back soon!!!
    Claudine A.

  5. Thank you for coming to BC.
    It was a blessing to be able to hear you and to receive from you. Thanks for sharing your passion and to encourage our family to fight for our family for The Lord. For my marriage your words were huge and for my husband, a revelation!
    Come back soon please!!!!
    Claudine A.

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