Uriah Takes a Ride

We had the unique experience and privilege of riding the ferry to cross over to Vancouver Island yesterday evening right after the conference. We hurried to pack up after a whirlwind conference (a report on a great conference later) to make a 7 p.m. ferry. Arriving around 5:30, we had family Bible time in the bus while we waited to board.

Sarah for the rest

Driving down the plankway to the ferry.
This is where everyone parks on the ferry. We were the first in our lane, so we drove right to the end, and it was perfect for the best view as we docked at the end.
We all wanted to go out on deck, so we walked up several floors to the outer deck. Inside the passenger area, it was amazing how many people were milling around: eating, working on their computers, sleeping, talking, and more. Yet, as soon as we stepped outside, we had almost the entire deck to ourselves. I guess the Canadians prefer to be inside rather than outside, or maybe it's just the tourists who enjoy being on the deck!

Christopher and Joseph on deck, with the lights of the shoreline behind them.

Three younger Maxwell guys.
The family on deck...
After a few minutes outside, several of us opted to go back to the bus (one had a cold), while the boys and Mom spent much of the rest of the ride outside. For those of us down in Uriah, it was a very interesting feeling as the boat occasionally turned and Uriah would lean.
Christopher took this one as another ferry passed.
I thought this was a neat picture as I walked up to the bus after being up on deck.
As the boys were coming back to the boys, they received an invitation to go into the "crew only" section right near the bus. They also had a good chat with a crew member who was up on deck as they were going through a strait.
The doors opening up as we came close to the shore.
Watching the shore come closer--it was a fascinating experience. There was a little group of people in front of our bus waiting to dis-embark on foot.
Waiting for the pedestrians to leave the roadway before the vehicles were released to dis-embark.

“I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys: I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water” (Isaiah 41:18)


6 thoughts on “Uriah Takes a Ride”

  1. Wow, wonderful pictures. We (my husband and I) particularly enjoyed reading this post. We got a chuckle out of the comment of how the Canadians must prefer being inside rather than out. The fact of the matter is that most of the people travelling on the BC Ferries are regulars and this marine highway is just part of their travel route. My husband and I have sailed on the ferries several times and also enjoy the “outside” experience. If you are travelling back to the mainland during the day you might see orcas (killer whales).
    Just wondering when you are going to be coming to the Lethbridge/Calgary, Alberta area? We’d love to attend a conference!
    Enjoy the rest of your trip.
    Psalm 121
    Willemina H.
    We’ll have to watch for the whales on our way back Tuesday morning! 🙂 We don’t have anything currently scheduled for Alberta, but we go by invitation, so it just depends on when we are invited and how it works into a trip…

  2. I’m glad you got a chance to take a ferry while here! I live in Seattle so have taken many ferry rides, but they still remain magical every single time! We have the largest ferry system in the country (which I was astounded to learn a few years ago!). I hope you will get a chance to take a ferry during the day — the water in daylight is breathtaking! Glad you had so much enjoyment from the trip and we pray you continue to travel safely!

    P.S. If you find yourself in Seattle, take the Edmonds/Kingston ferry. It only takes maybe 30 minutes, and is a lovely trip if you just want to do it for the scenery! I just spent the last week in the desert of Nevada and was so pleased to come home to the beauty of the Pacific Northwest — water, green, and trees!!

  3. WOW!! What a fascinating experience this must have been for you all (and for Uriah too!). 🙂 I hope you’re all staying warm (and praying the family member with a cold will feel better SOON). Continued prayers for all the Maxwells. Hugs, Patti M. 🙂

  4. Dear Maxwell Family,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I find it very inspiring to learn about your family and your faith. I wish you all the best for the rest of your journey. God bless you!

    I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened, so that you will know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints,
    Eph 1:18.

  5. That’s just way cool – no pun intended – but that might be part of the reason you had the deck to yourselves. Brrr…

  6. Dear Maxwell Family, It has been 6 days since we left the conference and your influence continues to be seen in my family. The following day, our 9 year old daughter prayed with her Daddy to have Jesus become her Master.
    Yesterday, I came to realize that our other daughter, age 10, asked Jesus to be her Savior during a session with Sarah!
    We all have quite a bit to chew on, as we were introduced to some new ideas and principles. I am very appreciative of Teri’s work – I am experiencing so much more peace after reading Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit. My family notices the difference already, as do I. My husband has increased our family devotions and has changed the reading from just his reading scripture, to all of us reading in a round. Everyone is much more involved! We also very much appreciate Sarah’s books on the Moody’s. My Dr. who buys books I recommend for his office, said he will purchase them! We are working on our organization and day by day, we all are seeing improvements.
    Oh! Our 9 year old took it upon herself to start setting the breakfast table so we would all have breakfast together instead of separately. It was inspired by Sarah’s discussions of family harmony. Again, thank you, Sarah! Everyone had a funny story about Christopher…very memorable. Our older son was very impressed with Jesse. When I asked why, he replied that he was genuine and you could tell he really meant what he said. I am going to send a thank you to my friend who told me about this conference, and I will purchase the other materials as I can. Bless your family for blessing ours and many others.
    Oh! And I almost forgot! The family gospel bluegrass concert was just amazingly wonderful and a healing balm! Our family loves bluegrass, and was really looking forward to the concert. Immediately the humility and blessing of the Lord was so apparent, and the words of the songs of the Lord just ministered to my broken and parched spirit. it was more than enjoyable; it was the impetus for a weekend of growth and healing. Thank you, thank you. And bless Grandma for giving Anna the fiddle, and Steve for walking in the store to buy all of those guitars! Amen, amen. Faye

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