The Road Behind and Before

Yesterday was a beautiful drive through mountains as we traveled from Redding, California, to White City, Oregon. The Wednesday evening church service went well and I believe a report will be forthcoming. Today has been a quiet day: rest, exercise, email, work, school, catching up on blogging, etc.

The road behind.
View out the front as we descend from the pass.
The road ahead.

“His foundation is in the holy mountains.”
(Psalms 87:1)

2 thoughts on “The Road Behind and Before”

  1. I know this stretch! I am from the San Francisco Bay Area and moved to Portland almost 2 years ago so we drive this stretch of road often to visit friends and family in California. I think it’s so beautiful in the northwest. I won’t be attending a conference once you are in my area but I’m thinking of you all and so blessed by your ministry.

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