Uriah Needs a Bath…

We are at the church, parked in the parking lot, and are all set up for this evening’s conference. Churches have been kind to us in allowing to park and refill with water and recently we have encountered two where they been so extra kind and gracious. what a blessing.

With the winter driving that we’ve recently done and all of the snow that is here in Carson City, Nevada — Uriah has gotten quite dirty. But we anticipate having more winter driving tomorrow as we head back over the mountains to Redding, California, so I doubt the bus will get clean anytime soon! That’s one of the reasons why we named the bus Uriah: he was a mighty warrior. And warriors don’t always have time to stay nice and clean. In fact, when David called Uriah back from the war and encouraged him to go home to his house and wash his feet (1 Samuel 11:8), he choose not to, and instead slept at the gate to the king’s palace.

What a blessing the bus has been to us, and at some point in the next week or two I’m sure we’ll be able to get Uriah all cleaned up!

“Wash me throughly from mine iniquity,
and cleanse me from my sin.”
(Psalms 51:2)

3 thoughts on “Uriah Needs a Bath…”

  1. Thank-you for keeping us all updated! Praise the Lord that all is going so well for you 🙂

    Erin (from Ottawa Ontario)

  2. Thank you for coming to Carson City! I enjoyed the conference very much and my son enjoyed the talks for the young men.

  3. I love that you kieep us so updated on how your trip is going and exactly where your prayer needs are.

    You peaked in interest here in a need to reread the story of Uriah. I may take a side trip on my Bible In One Year Study, and reread that.

    Keeping you in prayer for a safe trip.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

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