Sacramento Conference

Another weekend has come and gone: we just completed our half way mark on weekend conferences. We felt a warm welcome as we arrived at the church Friday afternoon. The set up went smoothly, although the sound was a little harder to work with.

It’s been wonderful to be able to park Uriah at each church; we definitely feel more rested come Saturday morning since we’re not having to take the time to drive to a hotel, then load out in the morning, and drive back to the church! Around 8:30 Saturday morning, families started arriving.

Dad sharing...

Dad had a wonderful group of men–men who were purposing to make godly choices right away, instead of waiting and thinking about them (which often turns into no decision). They were comitted to doing the right thing!

Mom speaking to the ladies.

By the number of ladies who came to talk to Mom after each session, you could tell the Lord was working in hearts!

Sarah and twins who've enjoyed the Moody books.

There were quite a few children who loved the Moody books, and it’s a joy to my heart. The greatest delight I received was from a family who shared that the Moody books were instrumental in bringing their son to the Lord! Praise Jesus.

The book tables kept us very busy!

We always enjoy talking in between sessions as we have time and opportunity.

John and Jackie! Jackie made us miss Honey.

We had a meal and some fellowship with two families after the conference at our coordinator’s home. Anna remarked how much their home felt like home (thanks W. family!). They also let us do laundry–fresh, clean clothes are great!

Anna and her new friend.
Family Bible time!
Our sweet coordinators were a big blessing! They spent many hours preparing meals for our family, publicizing, and all the details entailed with the conference.

Sarah for the rest

“Praise him for his mighty acts: praise him according to his excellent greatness” (Psalms 150:2).

4 thoughts on “Sacramento Conference”

  1. Oh, you were sooo close! We are only 70 miles south of Sacramento and I seriously considered coming up to attend your workshop. God had other plans, however – I was in a car accident on Wednesday and though the truck is totaled, God preserved me! Unfortunately, two almond trees didn’t make it, but I walked away. (we had an unusual hail storm)

    A friend of mine and I did attend your workshop the last time you were in Modesto and we were both SO blessed.

    Safe travels.

    Mrs. L
    — Mrs. L. I’m so sorry to hear you were in a car accident. I’m glad you are okay now–wow, that was quite a situation! Sorry we missed you. Sarah

  2. Are you going straight up I5 north to Redding? If so, did you see your town? 🙂
    See you Tuesday night…even if I can’t stay because of Eliseo, I’m coming to give you all a big hug! Praying for you daily!
    —- We missed you on Saturday in Sacramento! Yes, I believe we’ll be going up I5! See you tomorrow… Sarah

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! I am a big fan of the Moody books Sarah 🙂 I can hardly wait to read the new one. Are you going to write any more in the near future?

    Erin H
    Erin, I hope to write another this year, Lord willing! We’ll see. Thank you for your enthusiasm!

  4. My husband and I had an amazing time at the conference this weekend! What a blessing your family is! We purchased many of the books and are looking forward to applying the principles we learned in our sessions. I especially can’t wait to design our family’s schedule using the MOTH book. Thank you so much for your ministry. Our prayers will be with you always!

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