The Sequence of “The Change of Plans”

“A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the Lord directeth his steps” (Proverbs 16:9).

Here’s a “Maxwell” plans, but the “Lord directs” sequence.

  • Start trip with plan for Flagstaff, AZ, conference Monday night; Burbank, CA, conference Thursday.
  • Friday morning, we decide to make lunch plans for Tuesday after Flagstaff with Uncle Roy and Aunt Phyllis, who are in Sun City for the winter. From there, we would drive to Joshua Tree National Park and hike on Wednesday before going to Burbank on Thursday.
  • Saturday morning, Flagstaff conference rescheduled due to a snow storm. Rain is predicted for the entire Arizona/California area, so we decide not to go to the park because it’s going to rain.
  • We have thoughts of just staying put in Tucson until Wednesday or so, and then heading on to Burbank.
  • Decide that’s not a good idea due to all the rain and needing to get to Burbank in case there’s flooding that would hinder travel. We begin our drive after church on Sunday night. It doesn’t work out to meet Uncle Roy and Aunt Phyllis Monday morning when we are in Phoenix.
  • On our way to Burbank on Monday, the wind is picking up, and as we near the exit for the park, Dad thinks we might stay the night there, avoid the high wind predicted in L.A., and maybe hike a bit since it’s not raining.
  • We enjoy a great family hike, despite the wind, and our first “real” camping experience with Uriah. (Dad’s becoming quite the expert handler of Uriah in tight spots!) Dad decides we’ll stay at the park two nights, and leave for Burbank Wednesday sometime.
  • We drive out of the park Tuesday morning, so Christopher and I can get some things done on the internet (as well as a few blog posts uploaded), because there’s no cell phone signal up at the park, but 10 miles from the campground at the edge of the park there was. As we’re working on the internet/e-mail, Joseph thinks we have a major problem with the black tank (would have been a huge issue), but we find we don’t.
  • Go back to the park, and while we’re filling up with water, John announces we have a real problem in the fresh water tank! Water is everywhere.
  • Decide we can’t go hiking: we have a bigger issue–no fresh water. We see that all we need is a small part: praise the Lord! So, on to the closest Camping World, which will have the part.
  • We then plan on parking at our coordinator’s house in L.A. until our conference Thursday.
  • Then, as we have Internet access again, we receive an e-mail requesting we speak at a church in Simi Valley Wednesday evening. Dad agrees (happily), and then it’s decided to drive to the church and stay overnight, since they have a plug-in for the bus so we don’t need to run the generator.
  • Wake up Wednesday morning and discover that this area is expecting torrential rain and wind up to 60 mph. We are grateful to be here and not have Dad driving in the wind and rain.
  • That’s where it stands right now.  The Lord gave us a Wednesday evening service, and it’s been a wonderful, exciting several days!
  • We make the plans, but the Lord directs our steps. What a joy to rest in a faithful Savior! — Sarah

The broken part, so small, yet so necessary!

Full rainbow!

4 thoughts on “The Sequence of “The Change of Plans””

  1. Maxwell Family,
    Whenever you get back on the road please be ever so careful especially if you are taking Interstate 5 through the grapevine area. The area tends to be a high wind area and is greatly affected by weather. I grew up in the area and often times its closed because of wind/weather related issues.
    God Bless,
    Mrs. S.
    Thanks so much! We’ll watch for that!

  2. Praise the Lord that He is keeping you safe and dry! I am looking forward to meeting you in Federal Way, Washington. I’m thinking that with all the bus repairs, eventually you will have an entirely new bus! I love watching the progress you are making with it. May God bless you and keep you and may His face shine upon you and be gracious unto you! Love in Christ, Kirsten

  3. Prayers for safe travels. I heard on the news tonight that 5 was having very bad storms over the Grapevine. If you travel 101, be sure to enjoy the Santa Barbara area and my hometown.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

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