The Christ-Led Family in Tucson

This was our first time to give a new conference that we have been working on very hard. After many hours invested in preparing for each session, we were excited to finally be to the conference weekend.

Friday night had an hour and a half of music and testimonies by each of us. It’s a joy to watch the faces of those listening and see the delight on the little children’s faces.

Friday afternoon during set up.
Jesse and Anna working on sound.

Dad had prepared a new men’s session that correlates with his latest book Redeeming the Time, while Mom had a new ladies’ session where she goes through the encouragement she shares with those who come to her with problems. Dad also gave sessions on being a Christ-led Family, being a Christ-led Leader, and Harnessing the Power of a Team. Together Dad and Mom gave a session about anger. Plus Mom dealt with the practical aspects of being a Christ-led woman in daily life.

Christopher had a session for the young people and children teaching them how to share the gospel and use balloons to interest people. The rest of us children were going to help pump balloons. As we observed child after child walking into that session, we knew it was going to be an interesting proposition to pump up enough balloons! I wish you could have heard the excitement when we walked into the room about 9:30 a.m. carrying all those balloons. Christopher thought everyone was attentive during the first part of the session because they knew the balloons were coming!

Two moms browsing the book tables...
Pumping up balloons!
Joseph helping a boy twist a balloon.

Christopher, Joseph, John, and Jesse gave a session called Spending Time Productively; and I heard it went very well! Anna, Mary, and I gave one called Keepers at Home. I loved working with my sisters and seeing the responsiveness of the girls attending the session.

I believe the last sessions of the day were some of the most powerful. At the same time Dad was speaking to couples, John and Anna were giving Dwelling Together in Unity to the children, and it was also an incredible session! For those coming to Sacramento, Vancouver, BC, and Fallbrook, we’ve decided to add the Unity session in our schedule. From my view in the back of Dad’s session for husbands and wives, couples appeared to be listening intently and soaking in the information.

John and Anna giving their session.
Closing out the final session...

Mom with our coordinator and her baby.

We were very grateful for the positive feedback we received concerning the conference because it confirmed the direction the Lord has placed on our hearts for this conference. We will have this conference available to give in places where we have already given our Encouragement for the Homeschool Family conference.

Our coordinator, Mrs. F., was amazing and very kind to our family.

Thank you again to those who were praying for us! It is our heart’s desire that there was lasting spiritual fruit from the weekend.

Sarah for the rest
PS-For those who may be wondering, we’re heading on to L.A. today, and because of the big rain system, I think we’re going to be hearing rain, rain, and more rain on good ole’ Uriah’s roof for the next few days! 🙂

“O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him” (Psalms 34:7-8).

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  1. AMEN! 😀 So glad all went well and hearts were blessed! 😀 I loved the sound of your new conference sessions…can’t wait till you can come anywhere near Delaware area so we can hear that one! 😉 The session with Christopher and the balloons must have been something to see with all those children around trying to make a balloon and you and your siblings trying to pump up enough! 🙂 HeHe!

    I pray that you all will have continued blessings as you speak and safe travels! 🙂

    In Christ,
    ~Miss Rachel~

  2. I am so excited that you have new sessions!!! My husband and I went to a conference that you did in 2008 near Savannah, GA and God has planted so many good seeds in our lives through your ministry since that time. I can hardly wait until you come this way again! God bless you all and know that I and many others are praying for God to be greatly glorified through your lives!

  3. My family and I just attended your conference in Tucson and it was such an eye opener. We have two little boys ages 4 and 2 that we will soon start them in homeschooling. We feel so blessed to have come to your conference and learn all about Gods wonderful ways. May God Bless you all and Please keep the Duggar family in your prayers.

    May God richly bless you
    Thank you–we are praying for the Duggars!

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