Praise the Lord

God IS good all the time, but we are especially grateful to have discovered that the transmission doesn’t have a serious problem. Dad drove to Kansas City first thing this morning and bought a set of transmission filters and brought them back to John who installed them. It quit drooling and all seemed well. The transmission specialist at the shop never heard of such a thing being fixed by replacing the filters but we thank God for a friend who shared with us a similar situation.

YET, we discovered a badly leaking seal on the drive axle and that does require a visit to the shop. However, just when they were about to leave for the shop, a truck pulled in with replacement windshields for the defective ones that we had been shipped previously and tried to install (they were oversized). Dad, John and Jesse, were able to take care of both windshields before rushing off in the bus to the repair shop.

At the shop they discovered another seal on the same axle that needs to be replaced. That was an answer to prayer. We pray that the Lord will show us problems before we leave instead of finding them on the road. Now, we are praying that the work is done right away enabling us to have the bus back so we can continue getting it ready for the trip. They are going to work hard to fix it before Christmas (and need I say the girls will definitely make some fresh cookies for the workers)…

It is no surprise to us that issues such as these are happening, as we approach the two week mark to leaving. In fact, usually, thing after thing happens in the few weeks before we leave on a trip, some small and some large. Daddy encourages us to keep our focus on the Lord, not to let things trouble us, and to press on! We know Satan doesn’t want us to take these ministry trips, and he does everything he can to thwart as we prepare. No one enjoys a “trial,” yet the Lord uses them for His good in our lives as we learn to trust Him more.


“For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory” (2 Corinthians 4:17).

5 thoughts on “Praise the Lord”

  1. I received a lot of encouragement through your response to trials. I am praying for swift and seamless preparations and a restorative Christmas. May God bless the work of your hands. Kim

  2. Amen! 😀 Sooooo happy that the transmission problem was taken care of so easily! 🙂 I pray these other problems will soon be taken care of for you all as well, and that nothing else will be found amiss. 🙂 Aww, yes, Christmas cookies…you girls are so kind and generous…you inspire me to try harder and to thank and take care of others better. 🙂 Hugs!

    Merry Christ-mas to you all!
    ~Miss Rachel~

  3. What wonderful news! Gos IS so good. Prayers that Uriah continues to run well and no more problems arise. I know those mechanics are going to be very happy when they get cookies from you.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

  4. I love the encouraging words you shared with us about keeping your mind focused on the Lord. The adversary definitely sees how happy that the Lord and doing His work makes us and tries to work against us. It is important that we keep this in mind when we experience struggles. I have experienced this many times when it comes to my health. When I make plans to go to a scripture study or something of that nature I often come down with something, but if I go despite my illnesses, I end up feeling much better almost immediately. We must continue to stay focused on Him and work through these trials. I cannot agree with you more on this post. I hope that you are enjoying celebrating the birth of our Savior and that all is well with your family.

  5. It is amazing how the devil attacks the faithful. I once heard a pastor tell of three major appliances biting the dust in a week when he was covering a certain topic. I can’t now remember what it was, but it was definitely a message the devil did not want this pastor to deliver to his congregation!

    Thank you for your encouragement!

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