What Does Welding Inside a Garage Do?

Causes the entire house’s smoke alarms to go off!

Oh well. Someone had just made a comment recently that we ought to test them. They work, let me tell you! Very well. It’s been bitterly cold here in Kansas, so it’s way too cold to weld outside. Bus work is underfoot (less then 4 weeks until the next trip)–more on that later (thus the welding). Oh, and watch for a caroling report. We had a beautiful winter snow on Tuesday, so we sprang into baking action to prepare to carol that evening! It was PERFECT, and almost every, single person was home 🙂 …


PS – Thanks to Joseph for the picture! He took almost all of the A Taste At Home pictures too.

“Out of the south cometh the whirlwind: and cold out of the north” (Job 37:9).

One thought on “What Does Welding Inside a Garage Do?”

  1. This picture is so artistic. It reminds me of one of the great artists’ work from the 1930’s when they had the WPA program to put people back to work during the depression. Nice job.

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