A Push-Up?

A Picture from Life on the Road

I'm not sure this qualifies as a real push-up?! Because of the bunk, it would be even easier than doing one on one's knees...

I won’t say who it is, but someone was having a little bit of exercise while waking up! Some of the boys like to do a few push-ups to try while on the road, but usually they try to keep proper form. There’s an open Bible on the right (some choose to have their Bible time in their bunk) and at the top you’ll see someone’s hand pointing out what was going on. The blue tape that’s on the floor was from the floor plan mockup that we did while designing the bus conversion. A towel is drying on Dad and Mom’s bed (we haven’t yet come up with a good solution for drying towels).

You just never know when your camera will come in handy!

“For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things…”
(1 Timothy 4:8)

11 thoughts on “A Push-Up?”

  1. Hang the towels out the window as you’re going down the road…just kidding:)

    Thanks for the link, we will see if there are any options that might work.


  2. Thanks for the update!
    Regarding drying towels. I’m sure this has occured to you, but what about a retractable clothes-line? You could stretch it out to the desired span of the bus, then roll it up on a reel, kind of like a garden hose. (Not sure of exactly how all of this would work, just an idea that popped into my head.)
    Thanks for the idea.


  3. Hmmmm… I’m not sure who it is. Now, if whoever it is in the picture was doing push ups and reading the opened Bible at the same time, that would really some kinda multi-tasking!

    A break was taken to do push-ups! 🙂 The open Bible was someone else’s on the right side!


  4. I usually use a drying rack..
    Thanks, Annie! The problem with the drying rack is the space it would take up. Space is at a premium :-)…


  5. Thanks for the fun picture! It made us giggle because we can relate! We have lived on our motorhome for 6-8weeks around moves and know how challenging it can be! We hang towels on the back of any door available from those small adhesive hooks that can be easily removed if needed.

  6. How about those little hooks you can stick on and pull off without leaving a mark. My parents use these along with an over the door multi hook thingy??? in the bathroom. I like the ones that come off b/c we move a lot!
    Take care and God bless!!

  7. It is fun to see the inside of the bus. Have you thought of those Command Hooks, the ones that easily attach and detach when needed. They have plastic and then chrome colored as well. We use those in the house for towels and other things. They work really well. Hope all is well, looking forward to seeing you guys in January.

    The F. Family Tucson

    Thanks for the suggestion! Yes, I believe we have thought of those. Not sure what we’ll decide for the next trip on a good solution!! See ya’ll soon!


  8. When I was in the Navy, we sailor put our towels to dry in a hook. I’m sure you have good air circulation on the bus there were a lot of sailors sleeping in a little space and the towels always dried good hanging in that hook.

  9. A suggestion that won’t take up any space: use a drying rack that hangs at ceiling height. I used this in Brazil when I lived in a high rise with no place to hang laundry. It lowers from the ceiling on pullies and retracts to ceiling height when loaded. It won’t be in anyone’s way at all.
    With the bus ceiling being not very tall, even this wouldn’t work very well.

    Thank you for your suggestion.


  10. I don’t know the ceiling height or if you have something to fasten it to, but could you stretch wires, or even something up to the width of lawn chair webbing, from wall to wall one or two inches below the ceiling? If you put them fairly close together (say, about a foot apart) you might be able to lay a towel across several of them, sort of like this (in a plan view):

    | | | |<—wire
    | | | |
    | | | | | |
    | | | | | |<—towel
    | | | | | |
    | | | | | |
    | | | |
    | | | |
    | | | |

    Very creative approach which may be workable. The ceiling height is fairly low, but we will see if there might be some places without lights or a/c vents that might allow for it.

    I was hoping to create a makeshift dryer using the engine heat in the engine compartment. That would be quite complex and very time consuming. I really prefer simpler approaches and if we can find the room, your suggestion has merit.

    Thank you.


  11. Mr. Maxwell, you are welcome. I just noticed that the little diagram didn’t look the same way when posted as it did when I typed it out–the extra spaces have been removed! Oh, well, I’m glad you understood what I meant in spite of that and that the idea might help. I was just wondering about the long space in the seating area on the underside of the cabinets which are above the bench seats on each side. If you turned the towels with the long direction parallel to the long direction of the cabinets and stretched the wires or straps along the cabinets (instead of from side to side of the bus) you might have room for several towels there. If the edges did not hang down too far it should not obscure the windows much more than the open blinds do.
    Thanks David. Since we have our family Bible time on the couches, that area above them was going to have some sort of lighting, maybe track lights. Since all of the ceiling area will be redone, as what we have is temporary, then we can see if there are ways to make it work. I still like the idea, we will see if there is a way to implement it.

    God bless.


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