Update on the Music Clips

We were close to being able to put the post up with the music clips, but we would have to use an outside website to put the video clips on, and all the options weren’t good options. It would have had a clickable link to their site and we couldn’t in good conscience allow it. One was even a “Christian” video site, and it was filled with sensuality and worldliness. It was obvious we made a bad decision to offer a video.

If we were to post the video without an outside host website, it would be extremely expensive because of the amount of data it would download for each view, so that’s not an option either 🙂 . We’re extremely sorry for the disappointment. We would have enjoyed posting it, but it just isn’t an option. We will have to start over and do audio only and that will take a bit more time. Thank you for understanding!

Enjoying home life again…

Sarah for the rest

“This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it” (Psalms 118:24).

6 thoughts on “Update on the Music Clips”

  1. It’s okay!! I would much rather have audio without any links to questionable things (even those with a Christian title) then to be able to see a video. 🙂 Y’all tried and that is all that counts!


  2. Don’t feel bad about that! Maybe this will start someone on the process of creating a hosting site with only appropriate content and ads!

  3. Thank you for continuing to stand for what is right without compromising truth! Looking forward to hearing the audio! BTW, would you be willing at some time to list some of your family’s favorite music/groups (especially the gospel bluegrass!)? Our family has recently been reconsidering our Christian music choices and are looking for new paths musically in addition to the hymns that we listen to. We love music and want to honor God with our choices, but we still want quality, too. Thanks!
    Rochesters (mainly the more recent CD’s)
    Downing Sisters

  4. I appreciate your care! My 11-year-old daughter and I to enjoy reading you blog together, and I am thankful you are so careful with the content. God bless you all!

  5. I will look forward to the audio, when it is ready!
    Sarah, we did post the audio, just two posts above this one! — Sarah

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