Welcome Aboard!

Come on in — be a little careful, though, on the steps, because it is a tall step up. First, you see Dad’s driver’s seat right in front of you, where he spends many hours each trip (for this 7,000+ mile trip it means 115+ hours). Often, someone will sit in the jump seat right above the stairs to keep him company.

Dads spot
Dad's spot

This is where we spend most of our time. The recliner chair on the left (with the pillow) is Mom’s spot. Right behind her, Mary sits on the love-seat, and sometimes John will sit there too. Christopher’s area is the recliner right behind them. Parallel to Mom, I sit in a side-ways facing small chair, that was given to us when we purchased the bus. Anna sits to my right, on the couch, with Jesse, sitting in the middle, and Joseph on his right.

Here’s Mom’s kitchen, which she carefully designed, and Joseph built! The storage space in the cabinets has been wonderful. To the left of the sink, the tall cabinet houses the pantry.

As you pass the kitchen, you are entering the bunk area. The first set of bunks is the girls’. The next set is the boys’, with one more boy on the right, underneath the clothes area.

Oh wait, before you go further, don’t forget to check in this room, directly to your right. It’s the shower room, and it also doubles as a changing room. We also have a small, toilet room on board.

We’re glad to have the bus functional, even though it’s just roughed in.

As you continue down the small hall (watch for anyone wanting to pass, you’ll probably need to step aside to allow the person to squeeze through), you’ll see our clothes storage right above the bunk on the right. You might want to watch for someone de-bunking from the top bunk (thankfully, there’s normally a warning before they come down).

You’ve come to the end of the bus. This back room, Dad and Mom’s room, is a cozy little room, just big enough for their bed. Joseph built the cabinets under their bed, and it makes great storage.

Thanks for stopping by our “home away from home.”

Sarah for the rest

“And how shall they preach, except they be sent? . . .” (Romans 10:1)

4 thoughts on “Welcome Aboard!”

  1. Thank you for the bus tour. I feel as though I am actually in the bus. Its amazing what you can do to fit in a bus. I remember growing up with my sister and brothers and we all had to share the same room but different area…we have bunk beds and my mom wanted us all to have a little curtain up for privacy….how do you climb up to the 3 bunk bed? Its looks high…thank you once again for the bus tour and have a safe trip.
    Glad you enjoyed it, Annie! Well, to climb to the top bunk, they just use the sides of the other beds as their ladder :-). It takes a bit of effort, but they manage!

  2. That looks great Sarah! How exciting! I am so happy you all can drive and “live” in comfort on your bus now! 😀

    Blessings to you all as you are traveling!
    ~Miss Rachel~
    It beats a leaky tent, but I sure wouldn’t call it comfort. We are extremely grateful to the Lord that we don’t have to stay in hotels any longer.


  3. Thank you for all the hours and miles that you’ve all put into this trip. We are busy packing tonight to see you all tomorrow night in Wilmington. See you all tomorrow!
    That’s wonderful! See ya’ll soon! Please make sure to introduce yourselves! Sarah

  4. Thanks for sharing part of your private world! We were excited to see the pictures being that we travel a lot in an RV and frequently have children sleeping in the floor! Glad your trip is going well, but know it will be nice to be home in your own beds. Have a blessed day!
    Oh, Sarah… Colby still pulls out your books and asks, Where Sarah? Seems you stole his heart in Denver!

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