Map of the Conferences

Fall 2009 Conferences
Fall 2009 Conferences (you can click on the map, and it'll take you to the Fall 2009 Schedule)

“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15).

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  1. Maxwell Family I am glad to see that your trips are going well so far! I just looked at your conference schedule and you are scheduled to go to Augusta GA where we were last stationed. I was hoping at some point in time to make it to your conference. Will you be traveling to Naples, Italy anytime? 🙂 I pray that the rest of your conference trips go well!
    Sarah L.
    We don’t have any plans to go to Italy yet! We go by invitation and the Lord’s leading, so who knows when a Europe trip might work out :-)…


  2. I see both our families will be on the East Coast at the same time! We are traveling to New England to visit family and attend a reunion. Thanks so much for posting pics of your conferences. I love seeing the sweet families gathered to hear your parents speak and to hear your music. I attended a conference in Modesto years ago before you all picked up your instruments!

    Good news re: sister. She is attending a Precepts Bible Study and has called asking questions. Praise God! Thank you for praying. I will be praying for your safe travels and God’s blessing on your time away from home.

    Mrs. L

  3. keeping you in our prayers, daily, for safe travels as you take your word out into the world. prayers too for all those attending your conferences that may too may have safe travels and experience the great lessons you have be called upon to share.

    you are an amzing family that god has chosen to carry out his word of training and hope to so many families. you are truly a blessing to all.

    –mrs. mari

    p.s. how are the revisions on uriah working out for you all? the new sleeping and cooking arrangements are going well we hope/

    The bus is working out great! 🙂 We’ll try to post some pictures of the inside of it at some point! Thanks for your prayers :-)…

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