Colorado Sunset

A beautiful sunset reflected on the side of the bus as we cross the border from Kansas into Colorado.
A beautiful sunset reflected on the side of the bus as we crossed the border from Kansas into Colorado on Thursday evening.
And the heavens shall praise thy wonders, O LORD:
thy faithfulness also in the congregation of the saints.  (Psalms 89:5)
(Thank you for your prayers: the Lord truly blessed the conference this weekend
and we’ll be posting an update on that soon!)

5 thoughts on “Colorado Sunset”

  1. We were once again edified, encouraged, challenged and strengthened as part of our family was able to attend your conference in Aurora, CO this weekend! Sarah, our 11 year old daughter was especially touched by your Joys of Young Womanhood. She committed to making changes in her life because of new thoughts that you presented to her. My wife and both daughters were motivated and blessed by the reminders in the Loving Your Husbands / Fathers; thanks Teri. Our children were all touched and motivated by Christopher’s evangelism session. What a blessing Steve’s sessions were to me as a husband and manager of my home.

    We really enjoyed and appreciated the bluegrass music concert. I was wondering if you ever have played and sung the old hymn “I want a principle within of watchful, Godly fear”?

    It seems like the words to this song that our family quartet recently memorized, fit your ministry so well.

    We love and appreciate your family, and what you are doing to serve the Lord! Lord Bless you all, and make His face to continue to shine upon you!

    The A. Family
    Johnstown, CO
    Thank you Brother.

    We will check out that hymn. I like the words.

    God bless and thank you for coming.

    In Christ Jesus,


  2. beautiful sunset, which i imagine made for a very nice drive. seeing this photo reminds me of my childhood.

    i remember traveling across the country with my parents when i was growing up. my mom’s family was all in alabama and my dad’s in new york and penn, so we traveled to one or the other every summer (mom was a school teacher and dad owned his own gas stations so we had real summer vacations.) along the way we visited every state–we always went to the state capital to tour. we did fly, one summer when i was in high school to hawaii. i was able to see all 50 states with my parents.

    keeping you in our prayers.

    blessings, mrs. mari

  3. Whoever is taking these pictures is doing a fantastic job. They would make great pictures for a calendar!!! We’re praying for your family during your time on the road.
    Christopher is taking the scenery photos…. Sarah

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