Driving west on I70 through Kansas.
Driving west on I70 through Kansas yesterday.
And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.  (Genesis 1:11)

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! A few days ago, I saw that you would be in my area and I’m really praying that God would provide so my husband and I could be at your conference in Knoxville. I have really benefited from your MOTH and other books. I would love to meet you and thank you all in person for the help you have been to me. Thank you!

    ———-That would be wonderful if it worked out for you to come! 🙂 Hope to see you soon…

  2. What Gorgeous scenery! I love pictures of farm scenery! Praying for you all, and that the Lord will bless your family and all who hear you!

  3. Wow! Even without the fires that we are having in Los Angeles, our skies never look like that. Beautiful.
    Have a safe trip,

  4. Lovely! Thank you for sharing that Christopher! 🙂 Our God is so great!

    Blessings and safe travels!
    ~Miss Rachel~

  5. This picture of Kansas is beautiful. On my Facebook page I mentioned today that I sometimes miss my mountains of West Virginia where I’m from but that I do love the beauty that God has given us here in Kansas. Would you mind if I posted your picture on my Facebook page or would you rather I not do that? I won’t post it without your permission. Thank you and have a safe trip.
    Thank you for asking Patty. We have made it a policy that we ask others not to post our material on other sites but you are more than welcome to link to it.

    God bless.

    Steve M.

  6. That sort of looks like my hometown area in central Kansas. Wave “hi” as you pass by Wilson cuz’ if you blink, you will miss it.

  7. What a beautiful picture. I’ve never seen such wide open land in person. Definitely a perfect picture of God’s beauty!! Praying for safe travels for you.

  8. I love this picture. It makes me want to go and visit my brother in Independence, MO. It is very beautiful there in the spring. I can’t handle your summers (the heat!). But the spring and fall are very beautiful.

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