New Books Announcement Plus a Bit of Background

We wanted to let our blog readers know that Steve’s “project” that caused him to miss being able to write two Dad’s Corners is now available. For some time, Steve has had a burden on his heart for helping busy, time-pressured, and often stressed Christian dads be all that God has called them to be. In addition, requests for information on time management for men come to us regularly.

This summer with the house project behind us and before investing time in the bus conversion, Steve spent many weeks and hours working on his new book called Redeeming the Time: A Practical Guide to a Christian Man’s Time Management.

This book is designed not only to help a man manage his time, but also to allow him to fulfill his calling as a husband and father in Christ Jesus. We are excited about the feedback we received from the men who read Steve’s manuscript.

Even though we aren’t announcing the book in our Corners mailing yet, we know that some of our blog readers are anxiously awaiting Sarah’s Moody book completion. Because some of you might want Steve’s book as well, we thought we should let you know since shipping is less expensive when you get the two books in one order.  We didn’t want you to order Sarah’s book, pay shipping, and then when we announced Steve’s book order that and pay shipping again.


Redeeming the Time:
Redeeming the Time: A Practical Guide to a Christian Man's Time Management
Summer Days with the Moodys
Summer Days with the Moodys

8 thoughts on “New Books Announcement Plus a Bit of Background”

  1. Thank you so much for writing this book. Please pray that mine and many other Godly Husbands/Dads would be led to read this. I am led by a wonderful husband who is under much much pressure at work. It, of course, is not my place to force him to read it. I just know how MOTH has changed my life. I was folding laundry on this our 2nd day of our 9th year of home schooling feeling so relaxed and remembering when a friend came to visit me 5 years ago. She said the Lord had put it on her heart to bring me your book. Through it the Lord has blessed us. I am sure your book for our husbands would help them as they seek to follow the Lord. May God bless each of you. Thank you.

  2. Mr. Maxwell I really like the cover. Nice Job!!!!!!!!!!!
    It was a collective effort between Joseph and Christopher. I like it as well.


  3. Just wanted to let you Maxwells know again that you are a blessing, and that you are being lifted up in prayer during this “crunch-time”. Our church ladies prayed for your family, Uriah, and your upcoming trip tonight at prayer meeting, and will continue to do so every Wednesday night for the duration of your journey. I look forward to seeing you when you arrive in our area. Safe journeys (and good gas mileage – I always pray for that before a trip, knowing God cares about those things for us, too!)

    Thank you SO much for your prayers! We’re truly grateful :-)…

    Sarah for the rest

  4. We’re huge Moody fans here! I’ve already placed my order – my oldest has a birthday coming up, so I’ll try to hold off reading it until then…but it will take all my personal discipline to do so! 🙂


  5. I can’t wait to read the books! Although I’m a non-married non-dad with the opposite problem of having too much time on my hands, I’m sure I’ll learn something helpful from Steve’s book or at least be able to help others.

    I pray you’ll get all the preparations completed in time for your next trip. All the work sounds like a good practical lesson and example for others in “redeeming the time” 🙂

    In Christ,


  6. Your books have been a real encouragement to us and our children love the Moody books! What a blessing to see all of your family working together for the cause of Christ! God bless you and we will pray for you during your upcoming trip. Sincerely, The D.s

  7. steve, congratulations on your new book. god has really gifted you the ability to write and teach, and you are a good steward as you carry out his word. blessings.

    sarah, congratulations to you too. i wish there had been books like this when i was a youngster. blessings.

    as always, keeping you in our prayers as you continue your work on uriah, and prepare for your trip.


  8. Dear Miss Sarah,

    I am so excited to read your next Moody book. My favorite one, so far, is number 4, when the babies are born.

    Please write more and more and more.

    Isabel (10 years old)

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