He Shall Give His Angels Charge Over Thee

Last Friday afternoon, we ran into an interesting bus situation. Someone accidentally (smile) ran two self-tapping bolts into the bottom of the bus fuel tank. It had been done a few days earlier but the growing puddle of diesel fuel under bus was an indication there was a problem. The only solution would be to drain the almost FULL tank of diesel (about 200 gallons) into many large trash cans, so it could be reused, pull the fuel tank out, and have the holes welded. John called many welders who said they didn’t want to have anything to do with welding a fuel tank. Finally, the Lord gave him someone who would do it. And yes, the man still is alive and well. We understand there is a trick to doing it and not having it explode.

You could hardly see John!
You could hardly see John!
What a mess!
What a mess: diesel, oil, kitty litter!

John and Jesse worked hard to drain the fuel Friday night, and Saturday morning, the project to be tackled was getting the tank out. It all took on a different twist, when John was loosening a bolt, and the wrench slipped. Two of his knuckles were cut open. I had come to take pictures when he calmly appeared from under the bus, announcing he needed to wash his hands off, he had split open his knuckles. I hurried into the utility sink and turned the water on. When I saw a gush of blood, I knew this was no small cut! His hands were also black with grease and dirt. Mom took him into the doctor, and instead of stitches, they glued his skin closed. The nurse spent a long time trying to clean the wound, and when she came in with a toothbrush, that wasn’t a good sign. (Much to John’s relief, she didn’t use the brush on his wounds!)

John--after the accident happened.

We are grateful for God’s protection over John–it could have been much worse. As soon as he got home, he wanted to start on the bus again. He can even play the banjo two-fingered!

While John was gone, Dad, Joseph, and Jesse worked on pulling the bus tank out. They succeeded!

As of today, the two holes in the tank have been welded and the tank is back in the bus and all the fuel pumped back in. There is just one stubborn fuel line left to connect and hopefully that will be taken care of tomorrow.

After the beast was out, they pushed the tank to the driveway.
After the tank was out, they pushed it to the driveway.
There are two small holes in the fuel tank, so now the tank has to be taken to someone to weld. Then, the whole exercise of putting the tank back in will begin. The adventure is only half way done....
There are two small holes in the fuel tank, so a man welded those.
Notice Johns finger?
For those who are observant: notice John's finger (you'll have to click into the picture to see it up close).
Galloons of diesel going back in!
Gallons of diesel going back in!

“For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.” (Psalms 91:11)

5 thoughts on “He Shall Give His Angels Charge Over Thee”

  1. Wow! I am so happy for you all that he was okay! And that the problem in the tank was found before something happened! Praise God for His protection! It is amazing all of the hard work your family does (especially the boys). I can’t believe all that they can do! I am glad that the situation is all now under control and fixed!

    ~Miss Rachel~

  2. OUCH!!! That must have been very painful! Although we live on a farm, none of us have hurt ourselves as much as that. We have much to be greatful for! The Lord has been good to us!
    I’ll be praying for the Lord’s protection and safety for you all and that your bus will be working well.

    God bless,

  3. Your family is just wonderful. We are encouraged by your will to keep on through the bad and the good. John hope you are doing well. We are thinking of you.

  4. thank goodness john is ok, and recovering from his injury. your family is amazing with all you can do. as i read this i could not even imagine how to hande a situation such as this. god has blessed you all.


  5. I was just wondering how grandpa and grandma are recuperating. We have been praying for them each day. I know it will probably be quite a while until they feel completely better; hoping and praying they are feeling better and better each day.
    Teri’s mom is progressing. Her dad is up to walking around the block and doing quite well.


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