God is Good, ALL the Time

It has been a challenging last week (really several weeks!), but as Dad encourages us, God IS good all of the time! We have had many opportunities to rest in Jesus, and we praise Him for all that He has been doing and continues to do.

The “main” event this past week was the bus emergency (a forthcoming post on that one!). I was talking to a friend in Canada on the phone today, and she asked how we were. As I told her what had been going on, she said the Lord had prompted her to pray for us this last week. She didn’t know why, but she obeyed, and prayed often for our family! Wow! We were very touched that the Lord had moved in her heart, leading her to pray for us, when we definitely needed it.

In the midst of everything, we shared through music and testimony at our wonderful nursing home church. We were glad for Nathan to join us (and we missed Christopher who was sick!).

A view from the listeners...
A view from the listeners...
The family
The family
The five younger doing a special
The elderly loved it!

Rejoicing in our Savior!


“Therefore seeing we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we faint not” (2 Corinthians 4:1).

3 thoughts on “God is Good, ALL the Time”

  1. A pastor once told us that the magnitude of a trial is perportionate to the magnitude of the blessing that is to follow. Oh how I thank the Lord that His grace and strength are also freely given as we rest in Him.
    It has always humbled and amazed me to know how many times the Lord has placed us on someone’s heart and they have prayed for us. Yes, He is so faithful and good. While I know I don’t love Him as I ought, how He’s drawn me to love Him more and more the past couple years.
    While sitting with little Samuel in the hospital, I’ve had extra reading time and re-read Preparing Sons and several of the Corners. Each time I read them, the Lord uses them to encourage me and speak to my heart often in an area where I need to surrender to Him or simply obey.
    I pray for you all each day and will pray Christopher feels better soon and John’s knuckles heal quickly. What a job fixing the bus! But I’m sure the boys/men got some great work experience or at least lots of opportunity to strenghthen their character 🙂 I will thank the Lord that He enabled you to accomplish the task…and that the last pesky fuel line won’t be too pesky 🙂
    love and prayers,

  2. What brand of guitar would you recommend? I also wanted to share, it is very encouraging to see you kids singing together.
    Alvarez makes some nice guitars that are quite reasonable to begin with.

  3. i always enjoy the pictures of your family performing together. one of my fondest memories of growing up was spending sunday afternoons, after church, sitting in the living room mom playing the organ, while i would play the piano or my autoharp and we would all sing our favorite hymns together.

    we’ll be keeping christopher in our prayers that he is feeling better soon, and that john’s hand continues to heal.


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