6 thoughts on “A Moody Request”

  1. We are looking forward to it Sarah! My children have loved your books. They were great for reading out loud and produced a lot of great conversations. Thanks for putting your best into them.

  2. Sarah,
    Thank you for writing the Moody books. I love them. I hope God will bless you and your book.
    Jessica J. C.

  3. Sarah-

    Wonderful news that you are working on #5!! My boys are enjoying Summer with the Moody’s….as we speak. :o) Wonderful reading material that exhibits a family who serves Christ. Love it!!

    Shannon W. :o)

  4. Just loved hearing the great news that Moody’s #5 is under construction :-). We just ordered the series last month and we are on book #2. I had to hide the other books because the girls kept peeking into the 3 and 4 to see what happens! We have really struggled trying to find Christian friendly books and delighted to find a series about a thriving striving family working for the Lord-WOW-what a God send! Best wishes and will be praying for God to lead you during this time! Also just finished-Keeping our Childrens Heart-loved that too! What to buy next..hhhuuummmmmmmm??

  5. Hello Sarah:

    I just finished reading the last Moody book to my three dd’s on Friday and my 10 year old dd was heartbroken because we were done with the series. My 5 and 12 year old dd’s were also sad the books came to an end. It’s great to see them so involved in the life of the Moody family.

    As a mom, I want to thank you so much for your faithfulness and obedience in sharing the gift the Lord has given you. I myself cried when I read about the salvation of grandpa, grandma and Mr. Delome. We’re wondering who’s going to be next!

    We are looking forward to as many books the Lord leads you to publish.

    Thank you again and God bless you and your wonderful family!

    Sharon N.
    Topeka, KS

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