The Burrito Making Process

Several times a year, we make burrito bean filling (my favorite meal). Here’s the link to our recipe. The filling makes our Sunday lunches very simple, and it’s quite economical too!

The first step is to sort/rinse the beans and pre-soak Thursday night in preparation for cooking the beans Friday.
The first step is to sort/rinse the beans and pre-soak Thursday night in preparation for cooking the beans Friday.
To prepare the onions: a few family members take them outside, with cutting boards, knives, and bags for the onions, and process all the onions. Being outside helps your eyes not to water.
Friday night, after the beans have cooked, the onions and jalapenos as blended up to a fine puree, and then that mixture is cooked all night.
One of Dad’s job is to mash the beans in an old mixer we use for that purpose.
The mashed beans are put into a container and go in the fridge over night. We didn’t have room for all the beans to go in the fridge, so some had to go in pots in the oven.

We let the filling cook all morning and part of the afternoon. Then, we portion the filling into freezer containers to be frozen for future meals!
We let the filling cook all Saturday morning and part of the afternoon. Then, we portion the filling into freezer containers to be frozen for future meals!


“O God, my heart is fixed; I will sing and give praise, even with my glory” (Psalms 108:1).

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  1. Thank you for sharing your recipe, and allowing us to see first hand, how easy it all comes together. i will add, that i do plan to include your wonderful recipe into my meal planning for next week–i always enjoy new recipes. monday night is our quick and easy dinner night and your recipe is perfect.

    i do weekly menu planning complete with the shopping list on the reverse side, keeping everything organized in a 3-ring binder (i literally must have about 100 weeks at this point, but i have been doing this since my boys were very little.) i’ve been collecting so many new recipes lately it’s time to make up a few more weeks worth of meals and i know this particular one will be a hit with mr. R..

    I’m not sure about the quick and easy part. But we sure do like it. It is also very healthy.


  2. What size containers do you freeze finished product in for your family?
    I’m guessing 2 or 3 quarts.

  3. We’ve been using your recipe for the past few months, and it’s great! We freeze ahead also, and most often use it for an easy Sunday evening meal.

  4. Hello Maxwells!

    We made your burrito recipe and all enjoyed it. Thanks so much for sharing it!

    We have also been going to nursing homes and encouraging folks with
    our instruments. What a blessing it has been! We appreciate you all
    for setting the example. May His name be praised!

    Much love in Christ,

    The Y’s
    Amen. Bless you guys.

  5. Sarah, i do have a question for you on the recipe. i have been thinking about your recipe all day and decided i couldn’t wait until next monday night so i plan on making this tomorrow night, tuesday. letting it cook and simmer, etc. all day as i work out in the yard/garden and can come in and out to check on it as needed. my question is how much should i plan on using on a homemade floor tortilla? (average burrito size tortilla, not the giant size.) in other words what is a serving portion? i am trying to decide how much i will make and still freeze a few containers, but being as we are only 3, i don’t need to make as much as you do (we would have beans in the freezer to last all year 🙂

    thank you.
    blessings, mrs. R. (mari)

    Mrs. Mari,

    I would say about 1/2 cup of filling per burrito :-). Have fun with making it!


  6. Do you cool the filling before you freeze it? It is helpful to do this because your freezer won’t have to work as hard to cool and then freeze the food. Also, if you put hot food into the freezer, it starts to partially thaw the frozen food around it! Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents. The recipe looks great, thanks for sharing.

    Yes, we do allow the filling to cool quite a bit before we freeze it. It’s still warm, but not HOT, when we freeze it :-).


  7. Mmmm….Yummm! One of my favorites too, although I’ll tire of them after a few days so I’ll turn to enchiladas and tacos. I get canned refried beans from the store so I’m sure they are not nearly as good as the Maxwell home-made brand :). I also use whole wheat tortillas (from the store) which supposedly makes them healthier than the enriched flour kind, but I’ll bet home-made ones would be better too!

  8. i just wanted to let you know that i did make the beans today (i cut your recipe in half) and we had the most delicious burritos for dinner tonight. i chopped up sweet onions, tomatoes, lettuce, avocado, grated monterey jack cheese, and made salsa to add to them. i also had some leftover chicken and put that on the table too which mr. R. added to his burritos (i am a vegetarian and he is not, and yes he enjoyed the burrito so much he had 2.) we all agreed that the beans were the best we have ever had.

    great recipe and i know we will enjoy having this in the freezer now for several dinners to come. thanks for sharing.
    I just mentioned in another comment how important that the onion/pepper mixture is cooked all night. It totally changes the flavor. Ten times better than just for a few hours.

    Glad you liked it.


  9. Do the 22 large jalapenos would be used for fairly spicey – would you recommend – half of the amount for mild. Thank you – I have just recently found your site and enjoy the blog – I have been blessed by the new and older entries. Thank you.
    Jalapenos can vary greatly in the hotness. You might try 10-12. If you take the seeds out you can often use more. That gives the flavor without the spice. Also it is very important that it simmers all night. There is no comparison in taste improvement by cooking the onion/pepper mixture all night or not.

    God bless.


  10. I’ve made this recipe several times since you shared it way back when on the Moms Board. Last fall when I was pregnant, I thought I could make it without checking the recipe. Being pregnant makes me do stupid things sometimes. I forgot some of the seasonings, so it was pretty bland for our taste. But I have another recipe that uses refried beans, and I substituted my flop beans for that. I learned a lesson, but we didn’t waste the mistake.

  11. I froze my bean mix – in freezer bags – today when I got the first bag out to use – I simply laid the bag in a pan of hot water – and it defrosted in about an hour or so – while I was doing other things. Great recipe!

  12. Beans are on the stove and crockpot as we speak. :o) Thanks for sharing this recipe and detailed process. We are starting a new tradition of beans, rice, and sausage on the first night, then making the burrito filling mixture with the leftovers to freeze as your family does. Sundays will be our burrito day too, as I try very hard not to cook on the Sabbath.

    Thank you dear Lord for this beautiful family, and for convicting other’s hearts through their good deeds!

    “And he said unto them, This is that which the LORD hath said, To morrow is the rest of the holy sabbath unto the LORD: bake that which ye will bake to day, and seethe that ye will seethe; and that which remaineth over lay up for you to be kept until the morning.” Exodus 16:22-24

    Only with Christ Help,
    Shannon W.

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