God’s Protection

Last Tuesday as Grandad and Grandma were coming back from a funeral, they were in a serious car accident. They were both taken to the hospital. Grandma has a broken pelvis and Grandad a broken collar bone. We are praising the Lord for His goodness in protecting their lives, as the accident could have been much worse.

Waiting for the ambulance.

Both Grandma and Grandad were wearing seat belts, which probably saved their lives. I remember when we would go to the park with Grandad and Grandma. Grandad would always ask: “Does everyone have their seatbelts on?” before he would start driving. It is a very simple thing to wear a seat belt, and yet so many people fail to take the few seconds that might save their lives!

Getting Grandma from the car.
Preparing to leave for the hospital.

Grandma spent a few nights in the hospital, but she just came home yesterday! We are happy to have her home. Please pray for Grandad and Grandma as they start down the road to recovery!

Grandad recovering!
Grandma just after arriving home from the hospital!

Anna for the family

“The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.” (Psalms 34:7)

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  1. Praising God with your family that He kept a covering of protection over Grandma and Grandad. I will be praying for them as they are recovering.

    As you say, seatbelts are such a simple form of protection and they DO save many, many lives. I’m always frustated when I see folks driving around without seatbelts on-especially when they fail to secure their children! I don’t believe we need the government to step into every aspect of our lives, but I really don’t understand why someone would not want to do something that might save their life one day. 🙁

  2. Dear Maxwell family,

    “Until I learned to trust,
    I never learned to pray;
    And I did not learn to fully trust
    Till sorrows came my way.
    Until I felt my weakness,
    His strength I never knew;
    Nor dreamed ’til I was stricken
    That he could see me through.
    Who deepest drinks of sorrow,
    Drinks deepest, too, of grace;
    He sends the storm so he himself
    Can be our hiding place.
    His heart, that seeks our highest good
    Knows well when things annoy;
    We would not long for heaven
    If earth held only joy.”

    Praying and rejoicing with you all in the goodness of the Lord towards your Grandparents!

    To God be the glory,
    ~Samantha, for us all

  3. Praising God that your dear parents are alright Teri! I always smile when I place an order and a little card comes in the box telling me that it was packed by “Grandma and Grandad”. So sweet! I will pray for their complete recovery.

    In Christ,
    Trish H.

  4. Hi Maxwell’s! I am so glad that your grandparents (mom and dad) were not more seriously injured! Praise God! He was certainly protecting them! I am glad they are on their way to recovering! =:) I will continue to pray for them that they will heal quickly!

    ~Miss Rachel~

  5. I am so glad they are safe. They both looked quite well after enduring such an accident! I am sure your family will rally around them and keep them comfortable during their healing. God Bless you all.

  6. I remember having abundant gratefulness for the Lord’s protection when Daniel and Joel got in their bad wreck in April. Daniel said the first thing they did was to pray and thank the Lord for sparing their lives, and then they sang some hymns.
    I’m so very glad your sweet grandparents are back at home and we will pray for their recovery as I’m sure they will be hurting for a while longer. I know they have you all to help them and we will pray you will be able to be an extra blessing to them during this time.

  7. So glad to hear they were not hurt worse. Prayers are with them as they recover.

  8. I’ll be keeping Grandma, Grandad, and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
    Karen N

  9. So glad to hear they are fine. Yes, wearing seat belts do save lives. God is good!

  10. Praising the Lord with you! They look wonderful considering the extent of injuries!

  11. I am so very glad your grandparents were not terribly injured! Thanks be to God for his protection. Please give them my regards – we will be praying for their quick healing.

  12. Praise God for keeping them from serious harm! We will pray for them during our devotions.
    The C. Family

  13. Praise the Lord that your loved ones are safe!

    I know this is off the subject, but I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your family’s uncompromising stance on important issues. I own and love all of your books. They are the only ones that really make sense to me. You offer such wonderful encouragement and solutions. I am a young mother, and I have been so discouraged lately reading blogs of well-intentioned ladies who tell blog readers that if you are too burdened with home schooling, God will understand if you give up and put your kids in school. Or if you are too burdened with the children you have, God will understand if you cut off your fertility. Or if your family really loves sports, God will understand if that little league game is on church night. The examples could go on and on. I appreciate so much that you all are so transparent about your struggles to remain faithful to the Word. God does not call us to have an easy walk. I don’t think that Jesus was spreading the gospel of “make your life as easy as you can”. I think that on some issues we cannot compromise, and we cannot seek the easy life. I am shocked that now it is not just mainstream “pop” Christianity that is trying to sell us an easy life, but conservative “Bible-believing” Christians as well. Please, continue to tell it like it is. God bless you and your family.

  14. I was so sorry to read about your Grandparents’ accident, but am thankful they will be okay. Lifting them up in prayer for a full recovery. God is good!!! Blessings from Georgia, Patti M.

  15. Please give your grandparents our love and hugs…(gently…)
    It seems as though we know them even though we don’t, really!
    I’ll be praying for their speedy recovery!
    I’m so glad that God was watching out for them!

  16. Sorry…another post from me but it struck me today as I was looking at the grandparents’ pictures again how wonderful it is for grandchildren to be such a blessing to their grandparents…just like they’re supposed to be! What a beautiful picture of Grandpa with two of his grandchildren!

  17. I praying for a complete recovery for your your mom and dad/grandparents. God certainly had his protection over them. They are blessed to be so nearby family to caretake during this time.

    Please keep my mom in your prayers. in may i flew with mom to las vegas to visit my sister, who lives there (no where near the downtown area, nor do we ever go anywhere near that area when there.) mom had a stroke on the plane, and then 3 heart attacks at the hospital. we stayed in las vegas for a month, and have just arrived back home today. mr. R. flew out to help me fly back with mom–he is such a good husband. it was a blessing to have my sister with me through all of this. she is a godly woman and a comfort to me in crisis. we spent many days in the hospital with mom reading her bible to her, and while she slept we worked on memorizing scripture (something i learned from you as you sat with melanie in the hospital.) mom is recovering, and very happy to be home among her own things and bedroom. we have some decisions to make as far as bringing in a visiting nurse to help me/teach me with her care needs now. as you know, we choose to caretake mom at home, and hope to be able to continue doing so. god is leading us.

    Praying for your family.

  18. Your family are in my prayers and thoughts. Please take care of each other. I am praying for a speedy recovery.

  19. Praise God that they are doing well! No doubt that our Heavenly Father protected them on that day. Fourteen years ago this Christmas, my cousin RaShel passed away in a roll over accident. My uncle didn’t require the kids to be buckled on long car trips. It’s so senseless, but God knows better than us, and I firmly believe EVERYTHING happens for a reason! My uncle had fallen asleep at the wheel, which cause the accident. Needless to say, though my dear cousin passed, I took that accident to heart and take drowsy driving very seriously. I want you and your family to know that it’s better to NEVER drive tired EVER! Always let there be at least one other person in the vehicle awake along with the driver to keep them alert and conversing–during those long road trips. I know RaShel’s life wasn’t taken away for nothing!

    Glad to hear that your grandparents always made you buckle up!!! I pray that they recover fully, and fast!

    God bless your family! I just love reading your blog, and admire your love in serving Him!

    Love & Blessings,
    Shannon W.
    Nellis AFB, NV

  20. Oh my!!! I am so thankful they are okay! I will be praying that they have a speedy recovery. It must be a huge blessing to live so close to them, especially at this time. Praying for you all!!!


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