Saturdays are filled with various and sundry projects. A sampling of those projects would be taking bus parts to the dump (from the tear out of the bathroom), washing/cleaning out a car, sewing, and restacking a wood pile (the ground is sloped, and it has fallen over twice, so this time, we used stakes!).

Yesterday, Dad painted the first batch of windows.
The result: beautiful, white windows šŸ™‚ .
THe rest of the family did miscellaneous projects yesterday, and Mary cut out a new jumper.
The rest of the family did miscellaneous projects yesterday, and Mary cut out a new jumper.
Anna also worked on a jumper.
Anna also worked on a jumper.

Christopher shared a very good message today (at church) from Colossians 3 verse 2. “Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth” (Colossians 3:1-2). He challenged us in what we are thinking about during the week. At the end, he used an tangible illustration. I noticed how our dear friends were very interested and loved this example. Christopher showed us what it was like to have someone (Jesse šŸ™‚ ) trying to walk toward a “goal” (a piece of paper on the floor), but Jesse was looking at a different object. It was hard to stay focused and get to the goal when Jesse was looking away from the goal. Then, he had Jesse look right toward his goal, and he reached it easily. May each of us set our affections on Jesus this week!

Sarah for the family

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  1. Thank you for sharing about Christopher’s message- – what a great reminder of WHO we need to always focus on! ~ And thank you also for the “peek” into your busy Saturdays – – love the cute pictures of the girls working on sewing projects! Blessings from Georgia, Patti šŸ™‚

  2. christopher has shown a wonderful example of this scripture. he has made it tangible for all of us to see how it will be if we stay focused on the goal.

    setting our affections on jesus.

    thank you for sharing this today.

  3. Hi Maxwell’s! Wow! You are all so productive! It’s nice to get things accomplished around the house isn’t it? =:) Thank you Christopher for that wonderful illustration! Sometimes it can be difficult for me to really realize what a part in scripture means when I can’t visualize it. This really helps make it so much more understandable! =:D

    ~Miss Rachel~

  4. Thanks for posting pictures of the sewing projects of Mary and Anna. Weekend is always a busy time for me also. Thank you for posting pictures of your projects. Its nice to see what others are doing also.

  5. I enjoyed seeing the girls sewing! As one who never really learned that skill myself, could you recommend any resources for teaching myself to sew. I’d love to pass that skill along to my own girls some day.

    Blessings to you all!

  6. So nice to see what you’ve all been up to! I love to see girls sewing…I’ve even taken pictures of my youngest one sewing to put in my scrapbook…a few nights ago, my girls were sitting in our family room and each of them had a sewing project that they were working on!! So far removed from the days we were glued to the TV! I appreciate your example, along with others, that have helped me make some changes in our lives!
    Love always!
    Beth B.
    Hi Beth,

    Here is a Corner Teri wrote on sewing. She thought might be helpful.

    In Christ Jesus,


  7. I really like the jumpers you are making.
    May I ask which pattern you are using? I would like to sew some for my daughter and myself.

    God Bless,

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