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It’s a true joy to hear from children and families who are enjoying the Moody Family Series. Often children will come up at a conference to talk to Sarah, and then she tries to get a picture with them when possible. We thought we’d post a few pictures from some of the conferences. We also receive quite a few e-mails sharing how the Moody books are having an impact on children’s lives. We received permission to use this one:

“Next to his Bible, the Moody books are his favorite books. He carries them with him everywhere. Every time we get in the car, he gets a couple of his Moody books and puts them in his book bag. I’ve lost count of how many times he has read them. I thought it might bless you to know that yesterday he asked me if I thought he could have the Moody books in Heaven to read!!”

Sarah’s desire is that the Lord will use these Moody books to draw children closer to the Lord Jesus and encourage them to be more obedient and helpful to their parents. She hopes to start writing on the fifth book (Another Summer with the Moodys) this next month.

“Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things” (Philippians 4:8).

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  1. I know that first little girl you have the picture with. You would have thought she saw someone from Hollywood that night. She was so excited. You all are changing peoples lives by sharing how God has changed your’s. My kids have not got the Moody family books yet but my oldest is 4 and I am sure it won’t be long.
    Love you all.

  2. I just ordered the Summer and Autumn with the Moodys and can’t wait to read them to the children! I also ordered Sarah’s talk “Experiencing the Joy of Young Womanhood” and I am hoping that this will bless my daughter as well. Over the years I have e-mailed and spoken with Sarah over the phone and she is such a sweet and polite young lady. I have followed titus 2 from way back when the boards were open and we used to do Bible studies with Teri! What a blessing your family has been to me over the years.

  3. Hi Sarah,
    I follow your family’s blog regularly. I look so forward to each and every update. Thank God for people like you who will lay down your will and your way to do His will. You are reaching and greatly impacting lots of lives. I haven’t read the Moody books but want to get them for my children. Keep up the good work. Take care and would love to meet your family sometime.
    P. S. Congrats on getting to go to Alaska.

  4. Yeah for more Moody books!! My 10-yr-old son has enjoyed every one of them. Our children need to see more examples of such families. Too often they see the dysfunctional ones! Get writing Sarah!! We’ll buy every one! Can’t wait to read more-Leanne

  5. Hi Sarah,

    We have all four of the Moody books and our children LOVE them. When I was reading your most recent blog update the children gathered around the computer and said, “are they coming out with another one”? I told them you hoped to start writing another book in the series next month.

    They are SO excited.

    These books are absolutely exceptional – there is nothing else out there like them that I’ve seen. These stories are fun and exciting and the values taught are excellent. My hope is that as I read the stories to the children they will emulate the attitudes of the Moody children in their own lives more often. Imagine that – a series of books that we WANT our children to emulate. Well that’s exactly what you’ve provided for our little ones (and older ones) – books full of good values that every family should emulate in their own lives.

    May God provide you with wisdom as you start to write this next book, “Another Summer With The Moodys”.


  6. Hi Sarah!
    My two little brothers, ages 5 and 4, have been really enjoying the Moody
    books, especially Jonathan – the older one. I must admit that I enjoy the times I read to them as much as they do listening, even at the age of 19! They are excellent books for portraying godly charecter and I’m always amazed at how much of what we read they remember later on.
    Thanks for all the effort you put into them! I would rate them the best children’s(any age for that matter, as I’ve proved!) books available! We will be looking forward to the new addition to the series!
    May the Lord richly bless your ministry,

  7. Awesome, Sarah. What a joy to see you with all those young uns!! Who would’ve thought – well, I guess GOD KNEW!

  8. I encourage you to write another book! There is such a need out there for good Chrisitian literature. We have taken in my sister’s 4 dc to raise with our own 4. The influence of these books has been demonstrated in our family. We love the positive messages.
    Sarah is. Lord willing it will be available August/September.

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