A Family Member Who Keeps Us Laughing

As we were preparing to have our Bible time in the bus at our hotel here outside of Atlanta, John was coming up with acreative way to taking some health “stuff” without a cup. Since a few in our family have had colds, we’ve been trying some suggestions offered by others to help us stay healthy. One is Grapefruit Seed Extract, which is quite awful tasting, but we’ve found that taking it in orange juice helps mask the flavor. The other thing we’re trying is Emergen-C packets. John made himself a cup, and put the orange juice and grapeseed extract in it (if he had remembered, he would have put the Emergen-C in it as well!)


We hope to meet many of you tonight and tomorrow at the Snellville (Atlanta) conference!

Only for Jesus,
Sarah for the rest 🙂

“Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.” (Proverbs 16:24)

3 thoughts on “A Family Member Who Keeps Us Laughing”

  1. Thanks for the updates! 🙂 Our family uses Emergen-C at the slightest ‘sniffle’! I believe it truly works! 🙂 It’s really great when you combine the raspberry flavor in orange juice, or we like it in Diet 7-Up, too! 🙂 Also, just wanted to mention, incase you don’t know — really try to stop all forms of “sugar”. Sugar can cut your immune system in 1/2. Many don’t know that, but whenever anyone in our family gets sick, we cut out all ‘extra’ sugar – desserts, processed carbs, juice, or at least limit it very much. It’s amazing how much that, combined with the Emergen-C helps! Just another thought. 😉


  2. This year I do my best not to catch a cold. Last year and the year before was the worst cold I ever caught…I had a walking pneumonia.

    So this year my husband and I are taking echinacea. Only when we feel something funny (ex. itchy throat, fatique, chills, sneezing…thats when we start taking these pill…consecutively for 3-4 days). I notice it works and so far no cold yet…we also drinking more juice, wash our hands frequently, while going to public places (ex. bathroom I tried not to touch the knobs…but using napkins to open doors…etc.) Ever since I had the flu last year I am more aware of my surrounding.

    Looking forward to more post of your conference.

  3. Your trip to Atlanta was such a blessing! Me and my husband came to the Conference Friday night and we were greatly encouraged by your message. Unfortunately something came up and we had to turn around Saturday morning and go back home. The Lord knows better why, however I’m looking forward to your next visit in our area or even to order your encouragement set. I know we will be greatly blessed by it. GSE works GREAT, I used it many times for my family. Also, echinaceea extract, probiotics and propolis are great immune boosters. I pray for you to have a safe trip back home and Our Lord to bless you from abundance for the effort that you put into His work. Love in Christ, Roxana G. – mother of 3 little blessings under 5. 🙂

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