A Conference Near the Shores of the Atlantic Ocean

Our conference on Sullivan’s Island last night went well! Dad gave one new workshop on harnessing the power of a team. I know Dad put a lot of hours of preparation into it, and the session was very powerful. He shared about a yoke of oxen and how similar they are to a husband-wife relationship.

Dad used quite a few drawings of oxen (thanks, Abi!), in his session.
This is one of the slides in Dad’s new workshop “Harnessing the Power of a Team.”

Christopher also gave two new sessions for the young people. The first one stemmed out of his blog posts on ambassadors and how we, as servants of Jesus, are to live as ambassadors for Him. The next one was on the kings of Israel and Judah and what they would say to the youth living today. It is always a challenge to give a session for the first time, but Jesus blessed, and both Christopher and Dad did wonderfully well.

We arrived in Charleston, South Carolina, on Sunday. We have a lot of memories from this area. A couple of years ago (note: a few people who have read this thought this meant currently we have the flu, but we don’t! 🙂 We still appreciate your prayers–the Lord has really protected us from illness this trip, only a few had some minor colds, but none of the older ones, and the ones who had the colds are doing great now.), after a weekend conference, most of the family came down with a stomach virus Saturday night. We were staying in the hotel we are currently in, and we had to be in Shreveport, Louisiana, two days later. With only three healthy (who later got it) ones to pack up, we left several hours later than planned, but the Lord blessed, and we were gratefully able to make it to the conference on time. However, the memories still linger of the miserable time we had!!

Here Jesse is helping by testing out the mikes.
We took this picture as we were on our way to Mt. Pleasant, SC.
We took this picture as we were on our way to Sullivan's Island (SC).
Joseph is our wonderful sound man. Each conference he diligently sets up and tears down the sound equipment for Dad and Mom.
Joseph is our wonderful sound man. Each conference he diligently sets up and tears down the sound equipment for Dad and Mom.
Christopher with a young man who attended his sessions.
Christopher with a young man who attended his sessions.
John talking with a family.
John talking with a family.

Serving Jesus,

The LORD on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, yea, than the mighty waves of the sea” (Psalms 93:4).

5 thoughts on “A Conference Near the Shores of the Atlantic Ocean”

  1. Dear Maxwell Family,
    My husband and I are looking forward to seeing you all this weekend! This has been a true blessing from the Lord as I thought I would never be able to attend one of your conferences. 🙂
    Do you sell your ChorePack/MOTH Refill kits at your resource tables during your conferences? Also, do you sell the new workshop that you have done tonight..the “Harnessing the Power of a Team”? That sounds like another excellent resource!!!
    Anyway, blessings to you and yours – see you, Lord willing, this weekend!!
    We are very much looking forward to this weekend as well. Please pray we arrive there without issues.

    We do have some refill kits with us. I’m sure it will be awhile before the new workshop is available. First, will take time to get it to where we want it and then we have to get a good recording.

    In Christ Jesus,
    Steve M.

  2. Thank you for your response. 🙂

    We will most definitely look forward to the time the new workshop is available. 🙂

    Praying for a safe trip to the Atlanta area for your family and for all those who will be attending.


  3. Hello Maxwells!
    That photo on the bridge looks familiar. We must have traveled over it at least a hundred times by now, going to and from Isle of Palms/Sullivan’s Island on our annual trips to SC. It’s great that y’all were in Charleston, we love it there!

  4. Thank you so much for the wonderful seminar Monday night. My husband and I had a wonderful time. We were encouraged and challenged by both the sessions. Harnessing the Power of a Team was very good and I am glad that you are adding it to the classes you teach. I appreciate you and Teri taking the time to visit with us after the final session. It was encouraging to talk to you. My husband and I both feel a strengthened resolve to consecrate our family to the Lord.

    We especially enjoyed the musical portion of the evening. Thank you for taking the time to play for us. Watching the family play music together helped us to see the difference between fun and joy. The joy of the Lord is very apparent as you sing and play together. It was a blessing to witness.

    We’ll be praying that you have a safe and enjoyable trip home. Thanks again!

    Jesse and Amanda and family

  5. Hello Maxwells!

    Looking forward to hearing your new workshops when you make them available!

    Praising God for His blessing and protection during your conferences.

    You are in our prayers,

    The Y’s :):):):):):)

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