Manatees, God’s Amazing Creation

What an incredible gift it was to see the manatees up close. The first group of us set out Wednesday morning, and we came upon some fishermen, who told us that the manatees were in that area. We stopped and watched, and were thrilled to see them come up to surface. We watched for a little while, before heading back. Mom stayed at the house, while Dad and Christopher joined us.

It was a beautiful
It was a beautiful, crisp Florida day.
The first sighting of a manatee was by Joseph right near our river house. I was upstairs trying to find Mom's cell phone, and I stepped out on the balcony, and they said they had seen one. It was a perfect view from where I was, and Dad brought me a camera. (The manatee is right under the light pole.)
Here we are at the manatee "hole", and we experienced the thrill of having them swim right next to you, or under you, which makes one a little nervous.
When Christopher told me there was a manatee close by, I don't think I realized just how close and how big this guy was!
Here comes one!
Here Jesse (on the left) and John (on the right) are petting one right between their boats!
Joseph petting a manatee.
Mary was able to pet one right next to the boat!
Mary was able to pet one right next to the boat!
Our faithful brothers who helped us get our boats into the water.

We are so grateful to the family who loaned us the river house. We truly were blessed by our family time there and having the experience of the manatees.

Sarah for the rest

“I will speak of the glorious honour of thy majesty, and of thy wondrous works.” (Psalms 145:5)

7 thoughts on “Manatees, God’s Amazing Creation”

  1. The manatees is so friendly are they usually like this?

    Thank you for sharing these amazing photos.

    Annie–Yes, I guess the manatees are easy to pet :-). We did see one that had scars on its back, because of propeller blades from a boat. He was quite shy, so I’m sure there are some manatees like that.


  2. That is so awesome — what a great experience!!!! Thank you for sharing this with us. Did you ever think you’d be petting manatees??

  3. How awesome! Way better than what you had imagined and what we were guessing might happen. Way to go, Mary! You pet him… or her! Love you guys!

  4. That is one thing I so miss about living in FL. The manatees are gentle giants; an amazing part of God’s creation.

  5. That is amazing! The children LOVED these pictures…it reminded us all when we went to watch the grey whales…only we didn’t get quite close enough to pet one…we were close though. Yes, the Lord’s creation, great and small, is just so wonderful…and I know that it is all only a glimpse of His greatness/creativity/power! How amazing it is He gives it all to us to enjoy as it shows forth His glory.
    You are in our prayers!

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