Fellowship on the Road

As we began this trip, we had the joy of meeting the Duggar family face to face. We have known them for several years because they have been using a MOTH schedule, and they tested chorepacks for us. In their new book, The Duggars: 20 and Counting! (after going to the link, you can click on a picture of the book), they mentioned how they use their schedule and chorepacks to facilitate the goals the Lord has given them for their large family. The Duggars were on the way to our first stop on our trip so we left early enough to join them for lunch and some time of fellowship. It was a sweet time for us as we interacted with their family.

The two moms.
The two moms.
The two dads
The two dads
The Duggars MOTH schedule.
The Duggars' MOTH schedule.
The Duggars Chore Packs
The Duggars' Chore Packs
Duggars and Maxwells (most of the Duggars in the picture, and Christopher was the one taking it!)
The Duggars and The Maxwells

We spent the last two days fellowshipping and sharing at a church in central Arkansas. We are blessed by the believers we have met there as we challenge each other in the Lord and by their gracious hospitality to us. This is the second time we have been there, and we found a special delight in returning to an area we have already been. We were able to renew friendships, deepen relationships, and meet others we didn’t meet on our first visit.

Now we are on our way to Teri’s sister’s home near Huntsville, Alabama, where we will spend the weekend.

The Maxwells

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  1. How wonderful y’all were able to visit w/ the Duggar Family. God is so good to allow such sweet times of fellowship.

    Praising Him,

  2. How wonderful! I just finished reading their book. I thought it was excellent! I love the picture of everyone!

  3. Wow! That is so amazing! I didn’t know that they used your chore packs and scheduling! That is so neat! We were curious…who took the picture…Christopher? Ihope you all have a great time at your aunt’s house!


    Rachel–Yes, Christopher took the picture for us! ~Sarah

  4. I love these photos! I found your family from a link on the Duggar’s website several years ago. I love the photo of their MOTH schedule — what a blessing that schedule must be! I know Michelle just had another baby (maybe December?), but don’t see her in the photo — she must have been sleeping!

    Safe travels, Maxwells!

    Actually, Jordyn-Grace is in the picture. One of the girls is holding her :-). ~Sarah

  5. That is fascinating!!! I followed the Duggars story for years. Actually, that is how I found your internet page – they had a link on their website to Titus2.com. I am so grateful for both of your families. You greatly affected my spiritual growth and attitude as a mother. Also, only after reading your stories I descided to give homeschooling a try. Thank you all. My prayers for you to be be safe and stay healthy.

  6. a few years ago i saw an interview w/michelle duggar and saw the MOTH schedule in the background!! LOL
    i knew they were “users” but it’s awesome to see the two families together.

  7. How neat that you all got to spend time together! I just finished reading the Duggars book over our Christmas break. Of course they use the MOTH schedule and the chore packs! Enjoy your time at Teri’s sister. We are praying for you all.

  8. I just noticed that you are the family who wrote about Preparing sons. I bought that book several years ago as I was fasinated how a young man in this day and age can purchase a home and have it paid off before marriage. I was impressed.

  9. Oh, that is just so wonderful! I’m so happy you were able to meet the Duggars and enjoy a time of fellowship together. Daniel took me on a date a couple weeks ago; we went to a book store for some hot cocoa and I saw the Duggar’s book there and spent some time looking through it.
    Another dear friend of mine who is a mom to 13 children (one of their 3 year old twins went home to be with Jesus a couple years ago) and her family went to visit the Duggars a couple months ago. They too had a picture of the two families together in the entry hallway.
    The blessed fellowship we have as brothers and sisters in Christ. Praying you have a wonderful time with Mrs. Maxwell’s sister! 🙂

  10. I was wondering when we would hear from either your family or theirs about a meeting. I actually found out about Titus 2 from the Duggar website. So glad we are all a part of the Body of Christ. One big happy family!!!

  11. I had to make one more comment. In the photo of Michelle and Teri, you are both holding things. Michelle is holding books, and Teri is holding maybe somebody’s raincoat? I would love to know the story on that. You are both such great moms!!!

    They weren’t holding anything special :-). It was chilly, so Mom had her coat, and the Duggars had enjoyed the first Moody book, so we gave them the other three :-).


  12. How delightful!

    I too found your site by way of a link from the Duggars’ a while back and our family just adores both the Maxwells & the Duggars!

    May God richly bless you all in your service to Him! 🙂

  13. That is so awesome that your families are friends! I am so inspired by both families and love the fact that your families love the Lord!
    Be safe and have a wonderful time!
    In Christ, Love,

  14. I had the great opportunity to meet Mrs. Duggar in San Antonio a couple of weeks ago. She has such a beautiful sweet spirit about her. It is good to know about the charts and packs and how much they help her and her family. Thank you so much for sharing this part of your trip with us!! Wonderful good!!

  15. Seeing the picture of Teri and Michelle Duggar was absolutely amazing because it was through both of your families’ testimony to scripture on having children that brought me to the truth on child bearing. Thanks to the Lord of Creation, your two families for this and my dear husband. I am now a huge (but happy) six month pregnant lady 🙂 with our 4th child. PRAISE HIM.

  16. What precious families! We do watch the Duggars often and I had a BIG hunch they were using the MOTH schedule when we saw old episodes and there were sticky notes so carefully placed on their wall. =) We too use the MOTH system and love it!

    God bless both of your families as you minister to others.


  17. What a blessed day to see two of our favorite families together. The Lord has used both families to encourage so many. It has left many without excuse when challenged by God to go against the grain of the way society is raising families and return to the biblical way. By being able to read about and see both families examples we all are left with real ideas of how to make our lives mirror what we read in God’s word. You all have blessed so many by letting us into your lives. Thank you to the Duggars and to the Maxwells for being such a ready example and encouragment to us all. You all remain in our prayers. God bless you all.
    The D. Family (Jeff, Angel, Jeffrey, & Daniel)in the great state of PA

    PS- We are praying that eventually the Duggars series that is being broadcast on cable will eventually be available on DVD for sale. We do not find many things worthy to watch or to buy but it would be nice to have the DVD series. We are praying that they will produce the series on DVD for those of us who do not watch either broadcast TV (antenna) or have cable.

  18. Awww how sweet! I love the pic from above, very cool!!My girls have been watching the Duggar Wedding several days in a row now. :O)

  19. I was thinking about buying Managers of There Chores a while back and I put it off. I recently purchaced the Duggar’s new book which I loved! Good reading and I pray the unsaved will buy it out of curiosity. It will bless them. Anyways, I was reading the book and read that they used the chore packs so I said this must be a confermation and I went and ordered it. I am working on reading it now. I can tell it is going to be a blessing for our family!

  20. What a great meeting of two beautiful families. It muct have been so much fun. And this is a wonderful sight full of positive responses. I have been on the Duggar (Discovery Health) discussion boards and sadly there are too many negative comments. I appreciate the goals and lifestyles of both families!

  21. Only you, Sarah, would refer to your books as “nothing special” As many people know they’re wonderful! 😉

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