4 thoughts on “Upcoming conferences…”

  1. Between H & I do you have time for a stop? You practically drive through my backyard and I would love to have you guys stop if you have time. My hubby is the youth pastor at a small country church. You are more than welcome to come and speak. If after praying about it you feel led to do so feel free to email me. We are in Western Kentucky, our church is probably a 30 – 45 minute detour from your route through.
    Thank you. Actually, we would have loved to but at this point we have time committments made. Hopefully, you get the Corners and can keep and eye out for when we are heading East next time. If you could let us know in advance, we would be delighted to stop. We are looking to a fall West coast trip currently, but that doesn’t do you any good.
    In Christ Jesus,
    Steve Maxwell

  2. We will be praying for your trip! I’m disappointed however, that you won’t be close to us! Maybe sometime! Take good care of each other!
    Your sister in Christ,

  3. Wow, what a trip! Many blessings for your time on the road. How do you all manage to get school done on the road? We like to travel with my husband when we can, but have yet to get school down to a science in the car or RV!
    Teri is really good at working with those still in school to make sure they getting school accomplished.


  4. I’m having trouble finding the information about stops “B” & “C”. Are those part of your speaking schedule as well?

    “B” is a church outside of Star City we’ll be visiting the next days and “C” is where my mom’s sister lives (a personal visit).


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