A Taste Away from Home: Pumpkin Cake

Pumpkin Cake
Thanks to Alyssa R., Prince Edward Island

1 package yellow cake mix (reserve 1 c. dry for topping)
½ cup melted margarine or butter
1 egg

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease the bottom of a 9×13 pan. Stir together crust ingredients, and spread in 9×13 pan.

1 – 13 oz. can pumpkin
2/3 cup milk
2 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 tsp. cinnamon
¼ tsp. ginger
¼ tsp. cloves
¼ tsp. salt

Mix filling ingredients, and pour over unbaked crust.

1 cup dry cake mix
¼ cup sugar
¼ cup margarine or butter (firm)
1 tsp. cinnamon

Crumble together, and sprinkle over filling.

Bake for 45 minutes or until knife inserted comes out dry. Enjoy!


Maxwell Notes: If you want a coffee cake flavor, with only a slight hint of pumpkin, eat warm. If you want a real pumpkin dessert flavor, eat cold 🙂 .

Pumpkin cake
Pumpkin Cake

5 thoughts on “A Taste Away from Home: Pumpkin Cake”

  1. Yum! It looks sooo good! Thanks Sarah (and Alyssa)! I might make this sometime this weekend! I am glad your family thought of this idea for the recipes Sarah! I love to try new recipes!


  2. I never taste pumpkin pie until I met my mother-in-law and my husband. In our culture and in my family we never taste these…now I love it.

    I like it warm though…I can’t eat it too cold though…thanks for your recipe…

  3. Thank you for posting. We had an abundant pumpkin harvest this year. So, I am collecting pumpkin recipes!

  4. Oh, we used to make this exact recipe or something really similar at the retirement home where I worked for 3 years before I got married. I LOVED it and wrote down the recipe along with a few of my other favorite ones before I quit cooking for those 100 dear residents to where I now cook for my very own 12 precious “residents” who seem to eat about the same amount as the 100 🙂 But I somehow misplaced the notebook of recipes I copied during one of our moves…so, I’m so excited to have this one as I think it is THE one (or looks really close!). My mom bought me lots of canned pumpkin while we were in the states, so I will definately be trying this.
    And I was just thinking about you all today when I was washing dishes wondering when you’d post another “Taste Away from Home” recipe 🙂
    We are almost finished with “Autumn” and last week, the children began learning their verses and songs again for our family Christmas program which we printed up from your site a couple years ago. Little Nehemiah has Luke 2:14 for his verse…but he doesn’t really talk a lot yet…so he says, “Ah, Ah, uh, uh, Ah-ah (highest), uh, uh, uh, peas (peace), baby, baby, baby (good will toward men).” Then he claps as he is so very proud of himself.
    love and prayers,

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